Dramm Rain Wand

After trying about five different watering wands to replace a Gilmour extending wand that I'd liked a whole lot, I ended up with a Dramm Rain Wand like this one, but about 24" long and anodized blue. Dramm also offers basically the same thing with a squeeze valve called "Touch-N-Flow", but it is garbage for two simple reasons. First, the touch-n-flow model has practically no actual flow (it should be called "touch-n-drip") compared to this wand, which has a nice ball valve at the bottom with a big enough handle to operate with gloved hands. Second, the touch-n-flow's "stay on" function is a tiny metal clip which we lost within a week.

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Timing Light

A timing light is a flashing light used to adjust the ignition timing advance on an automobile by means of markings on the crank pulley and on (or near) the engine block. It accomplishes this by flashing a light every time the number 1 spark plug fires. There are two kinds of Timing Light; inline, and inductive. Inline timing lights are connected by unplugging the #1 spark plug wire and plugging a connector inline (hence the name) with that wire. Inductive timing lights have a clip with an inductive sensor built into it, and are simply clipped around the spark plug wire. They will not work with coil on plug ignition, and some of the cheaper and/or older models will not work on distributor-free ("DFI") ignition systems, or some of the lower-power electronically controlled ignition systems. They also do not work on diesel engines.


A dolly is a small, handheld [anvil] used for shaping sheet metal, including performing [auto body] [auto body repair|repair]. It is used both as a hammer, to push up low spots, or as an anvil, resting on low spots while you hammer down high spots. A good dolly is forged, not stamped, and polished for maximum smoothness. Like an anvil, any pockmarks or ridges in its surface will be transferred to any surface hammered upon it.


There are all kinds of tools used in automotive work, including many that have no purpose outside of this particular field. For example, there is a special tool that is used to manage springs and their retainers that are found in drum brakes. It is particularly useless for anything else.
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