MacPherson Strut Suspension

The MacPherson strut suspension is the most compact and lightweight independent suspension available. While it still has many of the disadvantages of other suspension systems, its space and weight savings, coupled with low cost, make it a very popular suspension for automobiles, especially in the front. It can be used for driven or non-driven wheels. In small automobiles, the front is typically a MacPherson system, and the rear is torsion bar, multilink, or double wishbone.

Independent Rear Suspension

Independent rear suspension (or "IRS") refers to the use of rear suspensions in automobiles in which the right wheel is mostly or entirely decoupled from the left, and vice versa. It is normal (Except in heavy-duty [[four wheel drive]] vehicles) to have independent front suspension, but the independent rear is a relatively recent development in automotive technology. Independent suspension is used in automobiles to increase traction and in general improve driveability.


Toe is a measurement of the alignment of two wheels on the same [axle] (A literal axle between them is not necessary.) You have toe-in when the fronts are closer together, and toe-out when the rears are closer together.


The Caster of an automobile refers to the angle of inclination of the front wheels towards the front of the car. It is the adjustment which causes a car to drive in a straight manner rather than wandering. Toe-in can also affect this, but only because it makes a car more stable.


Automobile alignment consists of adjusting the [[camber]], [[caster]], and [[toe]] to ensure that your car will handle properly and consistently. Alignment is also changed for racing purposes, and is the largest component of [[suspension]] tuning, the others being adjustment of ride height, spring rate, and damping. For scheduled maintenance, one typically does a "front-end alignment" only.


Suspension is the part of an automobile (or other wheeled vehicle) which absorbs shock from the road (or other driving surface) by traveling vertically. This is generally performed using a system of lever arms and springs. Various types of auto suspension have various drawbacks and advantages. The original system of a sprung suspension, consisting of a fixed axle mounted on leaf springs, first used in horse-drawn carriages and wagons, is still in use today.

Eibach Springs

Eibach Springs, with major locations in the [[United States of America|United States]], [[Germany]], and [[Australia]], is one of the world's largest "[[performance]]" spring [[manufacturer]]s and [[distributor]]s. They make springs for the suspension of nearly every [[car]] and [[motorcycle]] on the road (as well as a more limited set of performance [[valve spring]]s, as well as springs for some [[mountain bike]]s. They are known far and wide as one of the [[best]] companies from which one could purchase [[spring]]s for automotive applications. In addition, they supply their products to some of the largest [[automaker]]s in the world.


Brembo is a company which is well-known for their aftermarket automotive brake components. In fact, they are considered (both by themselves and others) to be the "worldwide leader in brake system technology". They are a leading provider of performance braking systems and components, and a great deal of the research done on braking systems comes out of Brembo.


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