Tapered Roller Bearing

Invented (and patented) in 1898 the Tapered Roller Bearing is one of the most important inventions in automotive history. A deceptively simple concept revolutionized (please pardon the pun) cars as we know them. The basic types of bearings are ball bearings and roller bearings. Simply enough, ball bearings roll on spherical balls which are trapped between raceways. Roller bearings instead use cylindrical rollers which are similarly contained. Both of these bearings have a common problem, however, in that they do not provide any mechanism for bearing load exerted from the side.

Strut Tower Brace

A strut tower brace is a device which goes between the strut towers of an automobile. It helps to maintain parallelism between an imaginary line drawn between the [strut] towers, and the front cross member, and helps keep the line between the strut tower brace and the point beneath it vertical in relationship to the vehicle's base. This enhances stability while cornering, and reduces understeer. Sometimes also called a strut tower bar.


Mazda RX-8 Multilink Rear Suspension

The multilink suspension design is the most advanced and functional independent rear suspension|independent rear suspension available for an automobile. It has all of the features of the double wishbone, but takes less space, generally weighs less, and is potentially more adjustable, especially if adjustable links are used. The idea of the multilink suspension is to use several short links to ensure that camber, caster and toe either do not change or change predictably when the suspension is compressed or extended.


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