Little Man

My girlfriend has a netflix account and she typically tries to get one movie that will appeal to me out of every three sent. I like comedy, so this time around my title was Little Man, a Wayans brothers movie about a two and a half foot tall criminal who impersonates a baby in order to retrieve a gigantic diamond that he stuffed into a woman's purse. Maybe I'm just not black enough to appreciate the humor in this movie, but it seems to be filled with basically every stereotypically black element of a movie.

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Truck Nuts

Truck Nuts are an ornament for your car, ostensibly for a truck. They manage to be both odd and crude, and for the faint of heart, they manage to move all the way to disturbing. They have become something of a cultural phenomenon in the USA. They are imitation testicles, and are hung from someplace in the rear of the car; Popular mounting locations include the trailer hitch and rear bumper.
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