How To Install Micropolis (GPL Simcity Port) on Linux

SimCity is one of the most popular and well-known video games of all time. This game was ported to Unix in the 1990s and the source code has since been released under the GPL version 3. Micropolis is the resulting program (as well as the original working title of the game.) Making this game work correctly is easy enough once you know the recipe.

Need for Speed Underground

Need for Speed Underground is a street racing simulation video game from Electronic Arts for PC, Sony Playstation 2, Microsoft Xbox, and Nintendo Gamecube. It features twenty licensed cars popular in the street racing scene, which can be customized both visually and for performance. Visual modifications improve your reputation multiplier which grants you additional style points; amassing certain amount of style points unlocks new upgrades. The game features drag racing, drifting, circuit racing, and a sprint mode. You can play a guided "underground" mode in which the goal is to become the best-ranked racer in all of these types of driving, play quick races, or play on the internet against others (on PC and Playstation 2 only.) This review focuses on the PC version.

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Full Spectrum Warrior (Xbox)

Full Spectrum Warrior is an excellent wargame for Microsoft Xbox and for the PC. This review covers the Xbox version. You control two squads of four U.S. Army soldiers each - by giving them orders. After completing a fairly lengthy tutorial you are shipped off to fight terrorism in the fictional nation of "Zekistan". The game is based on a training aid used by the U.S. Army for leadership training. It was developed by Pandemic Studios LLC and distributed by THQ.

Full Spectrum Warrior (hence, FSW) was first demoed at E3 2003 and immediately generated a huge amount of "buzz". The Xbox is not known for its wide variety of excellent games, but FSW is certainly one of the best. Every aspect of the game is excellently refined. War gamers will never feel robbed by this game, save perhaps when they reach the end after a fairly short total gameplay time.

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