Star Wars: Battlefront II

Being a nominal member of Generation X, I fairly grew up on the Star Wars franchise. I was even young enough to enjoy Ewok Adventures, an abortion which should never have been realized for any purpose. Since those days I have played most or at least around half of the games inspired by the movies, skipping only the obvious lemons and the obligatory crap MMORPG. I adored Tie Fighter and loved Rogue Squadron and even managed to enjoy both Knights of the Old Republic games (even the uninspired sequel.) All this fannishness and a low used price tag led me to Star Wars: Battlefront II. This is the second review I've written for this game; the original claimed that the level design was a bright point. I have since spent many more hours with this game, and learned that there is no bright point. This realization resulted in this second review.

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Gate 88

I'm something of a science fiction freak. It's my genre of choice whether we're talking about novels, movies, or video games. Thus, when I encountered Gate 88 I thought I was in heaven.

Gate 88 is a fairly simple top-down realtime strategy game in which the player is represented in the game - by a space ship. As you fly about you can build structures (provided you have sufficient resources) and your goal is to protect your base. You can build factories to produce more resources, research labs to develop new technologies, shipyards which (shock, amazement) produce ships, and various types of turrets to protect your base defenses. The game is designed with a very console-game sensibility in that it is ideally played with a gamepad, and playing with a keyboard will drive you absolutely insane.

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