powered armor


You're a Heinlein fan, and you've read Starship Troopers a million times, but maybe you didn't even bother to see the movie because it didn't have the armor. Your favorite vehicle in Macross is the Cyclone and you cheered every time bullets ricocheted off Robocop. You are a powered armor freak, and you need to read this book.

Now, there are reasons to read this book other than the simple involvement of powered armor. People who need more should continue reading; some people have already clicked over to buy the thing. They're making the right move, but they may not yet understand why. But why? Because this is one of the best science-fiction books ever written. I know that if more of you were less jaded by statements like that, I'd be getting boatloads of hatemail already, but I'm prepared to back up my statement.

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