Patches and Updates for the img_assist.module

I've been working on a patch for the img_assist.module that allows you to easily link uploaded images (using image.module, and upload.module, or compatible) into other node types. The img_assist.module is quite dandy and more or less indispensible in my book, but it is missing some very important features. img_assist.module only allows you to use certain predefined sizes (whatever's defined for images, that is smaller than img_assist.module's maximum size) and a custom size. It also only gives you two alignment options: float left, and float right.

A simple demo module which produces blocks

I'm working on a new (drupal-powered) website for work and there's this page that lists upcoming music events in one of the venues. In this venue, we have a regular event that happens every wednesday. Thus, I need a comma-separated list of wednesdays. I don't want to add PHP to any input format besides the one where it's the only filter, so I needed some other way to get this content into my page (which also makes use of other filters, like img_assist, and insert view.)

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