Released in 1973, [[Honda]]'s CVCC system, or "Controlled Vortex Combustion Chamber", was a method of getting a near-[[stoichiometric]] [[fuel/air mixture]], increasing fuel economy, and decreasing emissions. This system was so effective that the Civic CVCC was able to pass California emissions requirements without a [[catalytic converter]].


lancia delta cutaway powertrain and suspension

The powertrain of a vehicle includes the source of kinetic energy (usually an internal combustion engine) and the hardware needed to distribute it. In a typical rear-wheel drive vehicle, this includes the engine, transmission, drive shaft/line, and the rear end which could be a live axle with the differential inside of it, or an independent rear suspension design, in which case it would include the differential and axles. Automobile manufacturers typically grant a different (and longer) warranty on the powertrain than the rest of the vehicle.


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