Today, slashdot led me to FireGPG, a firefox extension that integrates GPG for all textareas, including having google support. I will be signing this message with my key (ID 78F34CB8). In the interest of having the key check out, I am going use the "unfiltered" format. I suspect messages which are filtered will be modified. You can also encrypt the contents of the text fields of course, but I will only sign my message.


Sneakers (1992) is by far one of the best nerd movise ever made. The cast is all-star. The science, aside from the major premise of the movie (you have to be willing to suspend some disbelief to watch any hollywood movie; why not the overall premise? it wouldn't be any worse than what you have to do to yourself to watch Snakes on a Plane) is tight. The acting is top-notch. The plot is complicated enough to hold interest, but simple enough to be reasonable.

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