Lord of War

In a world in which Hollywood's cash cow is worse sequels to bad movies, the rare occasion of a movie that appears to involve some thought is a rare joy. One such movie is Lord of War (2005), an insightful commentary on arms sales disguised as a drama. As a movie, it was less than amazing, but as food for thought, it was more than filling. In fact, the film is sufficiently true to real events (not least its indictment of the US Government as the largest arms dealer in the world) that they were unable to secure funding in the US and had to look overseas. Despite general critical acclaim, it was not nominated for any awards.

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The Fast and the Furious - Tokyo Drift

As an import car aficionado, it was pretty much mandatory that I see all of the Fast and the Furious movies - but as a long-time Nissan/Datsun fan, I was deeply disappointed in the first two, in which barely a Nissan is spotted aside from the Skyline. Oh, there's a couple 240SXs off in the background, but you only ever even get a good look at one of them. However, it's widely accepted that Nissan has made the majority of the best drift cars, and so this movie does not share this particular failing.

American Yakuza

Straight from the bargain shelf at the video store to you, American Yakuza is a film that will disappoint everyone save for fans of Viggo Mortensen. Its cliched Japanese characters and weak performances by everyone but Ryo Ishibashi, who plays a leading role (but of course, secondary to Viggo) offer us nothing new that we have not seen in other movies, and can safely be ignored.

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Domino (2005) is an action-thriller based on the life of Domino Harvey, daughter of film actor Laurence Harvey. The real Domino was kicked out of four schools as a child before eventually passing through a string of jobs guaranteed to amaze all but the most jaded: She worked (or claimed to work) as a Ford model, ran a nightclub in London, moved to California, worked as a ranch hand in San Diego, and finally did volunteer work for the Boulevard Fire & Rescue company near the Mexican border before getting into manhunting.

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