Sneakers (1992) is by far one of the best nerd movise ever made. The cast is all-star. The science, aside from the major premise of the movie (you have to be willing to suspend some disbelief to watch any hollywood movie; why not the overall premise? it wouldn't be any worse than what you have to do to yourself to watch Snakes on a Plane) is tight. The acting is top-notch. The plot is complicated enough to hold interest, but simple enough to be reasonable.

GoPass GPT-600/GPT-800 Bluetooth GPS Receiver

I purchased this unit from, who had it on sale. While continually sold as a "generic" module, it's actually made by GoPass (a taiwanese hardware manufacturer.) GoPass also makes a handful of other neat GPS items, including some cheaper/lower-quality GPS units, and some GPS tracking units for cars that have GSM/SMS/GPRS functionality so you can ask them where they are.

This is, bar none, the best value in a Bluetooth GPS. It has support for WAAS and EGNOS, it has twenty channels, and it has an external antenna jack. The unit is tiny, smaller than my motorola flip phone, and it has a Li-Ion battery that the manufacturer claims gives ten hours of runtime.

HP/Compaq Mobile Workstation nw9440

While searching for a laptop, unfortunately just prior to the release of the Core 2 Duo, I was looking for a system that fit a short list of criteria. One, the keyboard must be excellent. Two, the panel must be large. Three, the display adapter must be made by NVIDIA. Four, it must be powerful - both in terms of processing power and available memory. At the time, the finest laptop available which fit the bill was the Compaq nw9440. This was then HPQ's absolute top of the line, and in fact different versions of this system still are. This review applies to one particular model of Compaq nw9440 - the EZ901#ABA - and there are numerous others. Current models are basically the same thing with a Core 2 Duo instead of the original Core Duo.

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Transcend 1GB High-Speed 80x miniSD Card

I purchased one of these from as it was on sale, and ended up being under $30 shipped. It is indeed much faster than a normal card. It comes with both a 1GB MiniSD card and an adapter to install it to a normal SD slot. There are also MicroSD cards that operate on the same principle; transcend offers them too.

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