Putting PC-GEOS on the GRiDPad 1910

Putting GEOS on a GRiDPad 1910 is fairly trivial, assuming you can get the files there in the first place. I sent an email to someone back in 1995 which says most of the same things I say here, but I may have left something out of one file or the other. You can find the file attached to the bottom of this node as "geosinst.txt". The best way to go about all this is to use Palm Connect, if you have access to it - This is PC-GEOS 2.0, which came with a serial cable that connected a Zoomer to a PC. (The same cable, with a null modem adapter and a gender changer, lets you hook up printers, modems and whatnot to your zoomer.) The big deal about THIS particular revision of PC-GEOS is that it comes with handwriting recognition, a notepad app that's fairly decent, a datebook, and a phone directory.

How To Drop All Tables From A MySQL Database

If you are doing much testing of content management systems, you end up needing to clear your database. If you don't want to set permissions up repeatedly, you end up wanting some way to clear all the tables from a database so you can set it up again. I found a way to do this (by googling of course, because I am lazy and do not want to think) that does not require dropping and recreating the database with its attendant permissions.

Hack the Vote

Lately, technology-related news sites have been swamped with information on the fallibility of electronic voting machines. Diebold, whose president promised to do everything in his power to "deliver" Ohio's electoral college votes to Bush Jr. in the 2004 presidental election, is capable of making ATMs that are considered some of the most secure on the market but also built a voting machine that can be compromised in less than one minute by an unobserved attacker, to the point of actually executing uploaded code.


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