Now That's Service

I am a frequent customer of Computer Geeks, aka They sell computer hardware, and a bit of software, and some random electronic crap thrown in for good measure - some of which is pretty exciting. My latest purchase was a 3.5" USB 2.0/IEEE 1394 FireWire Aluminum Ext Hard Drive Case which is a cute little shiny aluminum number. Unfortunately, it has a heat problem and shuts down after a couple of minutes.


Oolite is a clone of the classic space trading/flying/bounty hunting simulation, Elite. Elite is an epic-scale game with primitive graphics, although simple 3D wireframes were quite advanced in their day. Oolite is basically a modern, extensible version of the same game, which also has "primitive" graphics for the time. In this case, the graphics are fully-textured and implemented in OpenGL, and the game is pretty easy on the eyes (albeit not gorgeous.)


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