Bluetooth and Windows XP SP2

If you have a Bluetooth device which is not supported directly in Windows XP and which was not designed explicitly for Windows XP with Service Pack 2 (SP2) then you are likely having problems. One such is the ISSC IS1002N "Horus" bluetooth module, one of the smallest bluetooth reference designs around and thus a fairly popular candidate for super-cheap bluetooth dongles.

Unfortunately, installing a unit based on the reference design (and driver) results in a failure to install the Microsoft bluetooth stack, and necessitating the use of a third-party stack. This is a highly unsatisfactory solution as many third-party stacks will not work properly with third-party applications. A little creative googling allowed me to find a working solution.

Creating an ADO Connection String

Until recently, Microsoft's primary web development environment was called "ASP", for Active Server Pages. Aside from the fact that it's designed by Microsoft and runs on their Internet Information Server (IIS) it's actually a fairly high quality environment. Out of the box it allows you to script in either VBscript or Jscript (AKA ECMAscript or JavaScript) and you can add many other languages including python and perl through "ISAPI" filters.

One of the more frustrating elements of trying to use anything Microsoft is the documentation, which is always crap. The documentation for ADO, or ActiveX Data Objects is no exception. ADO is the latest way to do database access in ASP, replacing Data Access Objects (DAO) which itself replaced something else previously. In particular, one tricky part of the equation is construction a Connection String.


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