An album is a collection of songs sold together, as in an LP or its descendants.

Hypocrisy is the Greatest Luxury

In a world in which most music is corporate-sponsored pap that succeeds only because it's the only thing on the menu, most politically-inspired music falls flat on its ass, much in the same way that a fern cannot survive in the desert. Some acts, however, have been successful either in spite of or even because of their political stance. Much like Christian rock, it's hard to make music that's all about a message that doesn't totally suck, but one person with a positive gift for this is Michael Franti. Today, he tours with a band called Spearhead, but before Spearhead there was The Disposable Heroes of Hiphopracy. Franti rapped over percussion assembled by Rono Tse, and the result was a sort of sublime fusion of political message and imaginative hip-hop that is not only worth listening to due to its message, but also due to its pure, palpable quality.

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