Wine Is Not an Emulator, an implementation of the Win32 API and binary loader for Linux and other Unix systems on the x86 or x86-64 architecture.

HOWTO: Restore Steam game backups on Linux/Wine

UPDATE 200802120955 PST: On my system (Ubuntu gutsy, wine-0.9.47) this seems to be working. I will leave this page up for posterity. --drink

Since about 0.9.13 or so Wine has been capable of running Steam and its attendant games, which includes items like Half-Life 2. However, steam backups don't seem to want to work properly.

HOWTO: Patch FS1Port 3.0.3 to 3.0.4 on Linux (with Wine)

If you play Freespace 2 Open with the Freespace 1 Port, and you have version 3.0.3 and want to convert to 3.0.4, you are supposed to run a batch file to run bspatch and make the new VP file. You can do this on Linux if you have Wine (I imagine more or less any version would work, but I don't know) installed, with the following shell script.

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