Fun with Fuel Delivery

In the continued saga of my 1993 Impreza LS, the fuel pump crapped out for real this morning (cycling the key on and off repeatedly did nothing) so I ended up having to swap it. I haven't fastened down the carpet since the last time I looked at it, so it was a fifteen minute job or so. The replacement is from a 1995 (IIRC) Legacy, but pretty much all Subarus use the little JECS canister pump also used by Nissans and such and only earlier, FWD Subarus have less displacement (and thus presumably less fuel delivery) than my '93 LS. This swap is even easier than on (for example) the 240SX because Subaru uses a slick connector for the fuel pump and sender. This connector, which is male on the outside, also has two male connectors on the inside, into which the sender and pump plug separately.

My former 1993 Subaru Impreza LS

My 1993 Subaru Impreza LS (Amethyst/Grey)

This was my 1993 Subaru Impreza LS. USDM MY1993-94 Imprezas all have the 1.8 liter H4; Like all MY93-94 LSes, it's got an automatic transmission, but also AWD and ABS. The L model is available with AWD and a 5 speed, but not with ABS. The base model is always FWD, and always a 5 speed. I sold this car to a friend and the water pump promptly failed, fun times. At least I sold it cheap (less than I paid, with more stuff than I got it with...)


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