eCycle Diesel-Hybrid Motorcycle

First mentioned in 2001, the eCycle Diesel-Electric Hybrid Motorcycle was one of the most eagerly awaited vehicles ever prototyped. True, its top speed is limited to around 80 MPH, and takes six seconds 0-60 (good for a car but not so hot for a motorcycle) but the vehicle was reputed to get 150 to 180 miles per gallon - three times that of a typical hybrid auto. The comparative mileage generates little surprise given the contrast in weight, frontal area, and rolling friction, but when examined in its own light the eCycle looked like an ideal commuter vehicle for many given the low estimated price tag: US$5,000.

Unfortunately, these days the information is no longer even on eCycle's home page. eCycle is still in the business of making electric motors, some of which are actually used in hybrid-electric vehicles, but apparently their own motorcycle isn't one of them.


  • Engine
    • Fuel: Diesel
    • Fuel Delivery: EDI
    • Displacement: 219cc
  • Electric Motor
    • Phases: 3
    • Magnet: Permanent
    • Brush: Brushless
    • Maximum Power: 8kW
  • Performance
    • Top Speed: ~80 MPH
    • 0-60: 6 sec.
  • Suspension
    • Front: 1.89 In. (48MM) Inverted Fork w/7.5 In. (190 MM) Travel
    • Rear: Penske Racing Coil-Over Mono-Shock, Ride-Height Adjuster 5 In. (127 MM) Travel
  • Brakes
    • Front: Single Grimeca Four-Piston Caliper w/11.75 In. (298 MM) Disc
    • Brake: Single One-Piston Floating Rotor w/8.5 In. (215.9 MM) Disc
  • Wheels
    • Front: Marchesini 17 x 2.75 In. Aluminum
    • Wheel: Marchesini 17 x 2.75 In. Aluminum
  • Tires
    • Front: Pirelli MT 75, 110/70-17
    • Rear: Pirelli MT 75, 130/70-17
  • Dimensions/Weight
    • Rake/Trail: 24.0 Deg./3.9 In. (98.3 MM)
    • Wheelbase: 52.0 In. (1321 MM)
    • Seat Height: 30.0 In. (762 MM)
    • Weight: 290 Lbs. (132 Kg)

Attached is a 2005 press release from eCycle in which they state that the vehicle is powered by a gasoline motor. If this is not a simple error (which it certainly could be) then it indicates an intended change of direction in the project, which initially stated that it would be diesel-powered. Entries on various forums indicate that the project may have died for lack of a good one-cylinder engine of a size they were interested in; diesels in particular work best with larger cylinders.

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