Subtitles for Vandread 1st Episodes 7, 12, and 13

If you want fansubs for Vandread 1st (it's anime) you can find them on, except for episodes 7, 12, and 13 which are corrupt. Attached you will find SMI files in zip archives and as gzipped files for those episodes.

I created it by hand by reading subtitles from an existing file. So these subs belong to someone (except I edited them, so they are themselves a derivative work.) They distributed the anime so clearly they intended the subs to be available - but they're basically invisible on an ordinary TV if you have bad eyesight. These subs will lay right over the top of them. The defaults look pretty decent (if retro) in XBMC.

My work on these subtitles is hereby released into the public domain. I can't speak to any other potential claims of copyright, as I am not a lawyer. Feel free to use them for any legal purposes.

My notes:

  1. The nerd-girl-with-glasses character is referred to first as Parfait (episodes 1-7 at least) and then later as Parphe and then Parfett (both in the same episode, #12!) in the video-subs from which I cribbed my SMI-subs. Oh wait, now I'm in episode 13 and there's "Parfet" as well. I am using Parfait for consistency. I have no idea which is correct, although one day I may look it up.
  2. Kero (both "frog" and the noise a frog makes - in English, "ribbit") is translated sometimes as "(ribbit)" and sometimes just shown as "kero". I use (ribbit), again for consistency with the first episodes. This is the sense in which it's being used, so in terms of translation this seems more correct.
  3. Some elements of some subtitles had text in them like "(check)" (not related to a "Pai check") denoting that they may or may not have been correct. I eliminated this text because it's not going to do you any good anyway. If you know it's wrong, by all means, fix it and rerelease.
  4. I used Subtitle Workshop because it runs in vmware. (So far I have not found a decent subtitler for Linux, sorry - gsub is abandoned and never did much, and gnome-subtitles is crash city.)1
  5. Earlier episodes denote an offscreen character's words by prefixing them with a dash. Later episodes don't. I do anyway. This may be inconsistent with other SMIs (I haven't watched the existing SMIs past episode 6) but I don't care.
  6. Episode 13: "But... that wasn't meant to laughed at us who also came in here." Okay, so I don't speak Japanese, so I can't figure out what this really should be in English. In the end I left it rather than try to make something up.
  7. More Episode 13: Dita says "(uh-oh?)" in my subs. Maybe it should be more like "whoa" but I'm pretty sure it should have had something - whereas earlier I eliminate granma's "Hmm" because her lips don't open. If you don't like it, sorry. But not that sorry. I pruned some other little noises which aren't really speech. These are subtitles, not closed captioning.
  8. If someone wanted to do a companion project they could edit all the subs (including mine) to A. not have spelling/grammar errors and perhaps even B. come with colorized text according to the different characters. My understanding is that you get to set text color and outline color for each individual character (e.g. letter, etc.) if you want, with a corresponding increase in size and effort involved. But especially during the dogfights and such it would be a neat feature. I, however, am far too lazy.
  9. If anyone wanted to pay me to subtitle something (I don't do translations, but subtitles aren't hard) I do like money.
  • 1. Subtitlers I tried: gsubedit 0.4pre1 doesn't do video and crashes rapidly anyway. gnome-subtitles is a gnome2-sharp program which requires mono2 and which is super-crashy. Divxland media subtitler requires WMP9 or later (so I at least couldn't run it under wine) and it has no fine-resolution time controls. In fact the SHORTEST keyboard ff/rewind is a two second jump. This is stupid. Consequently I am using subtitle workshop which is superior on all counts (but still doesn't run under wine.)

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