Elf is a [[brand name]] of the [[French]] company [[TotalFinaElf]], which also includes the [[Total]] and [[Fina]] companies, which also make various fuels and distribute them through [[service station]]s. They primarily produce [[fuel]]s, [[heating oil]], [[gasoline]], and [[lubricant]]s.

ELF is generally considered to be a brand of [[racing]] [[fuel]]. They make [[unleaded]] fuels for [[go-kart]]s, motorcycles, and general use, and [[leaded]] fuels for essentially all kinds of racing from karts up to [[pro stock]] [[drag race|drag racing]]. ELF is a [[French]] company ([[Elf Antar France]]) but they sell around the world. In addition, they also make [[synthetic oil|synthetic motor oil]]s in low and high viscosities, including for those vehicles using [[nitromethane]], non-[[silicone]] [[DOT]] [[DOT 5.1|5.1]] [[brake fluid]], [[shock oil]], [[transmission fluid]], [[fuel additive]]s, [[grease]], miscellaneous [[lubricant]]s, and automotive cleaning products.

Elf Fuel is the [[official]] fuel for the [[FedEx]] [[CART]] championship series, the [[American]] [[LeMans]] series, the [[Speedvision]] [[Speedvision World Challenge|World Challenge]], and the [[Dayton]] [[Indy Lights Championship]].

Elf also makes road [[asphalt]]s, and fuels for [[agriculture]].


On the [[July 14th, 1939|14th of July]], [[1939]], a gas field was discovered in [[France]], at [[Saint-Marcet]], [[Aquitaine]]. The [[Régie Autonome des Pétroles]] ([[RAP]]) was formed to exploit it, followed by the [[Société Nationale des Pétroles d'Aquitaine]] ([[SNPA]]) in [[1941]]. Finally, to locate and exploit oil resources outside of France, the [[Bureau de Recherches de Pétrole]] ([[BRP]]) was created. In December of [[1965]], the Rap and the BRP merged to form [[Erap]] ([[Entreprise de Recherches et d'Activités Pétrolières]]), a holding company for all the companies existing at the time. The [[SNPA]] became the new parent company's main subsidiary.

This mishmash of various groups and companies was united under a single logo consisting of a solid red circle on [[April 28th, 1967]], and with the short, "[[snappy]]" name of Elf.


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