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This page exists to help you make the most out of drink's drinking games. Here, I will explain what some of the categories mean (those which are not immediately obvious) and in general explain things relating to drinking games and this site.

What is a "boot factor"?

Boot factor is a measurement of how drunk the game will get you. I'm not really sure precisely where these games came from in the first place - as I've mentioned elsewhere, I found an archive on nic.funet.fi (one of the original "important" hosts on the internet) and the collection sort of grew since. According to wiktionary, boot can be used as slang for "vomit" which would make sense here. Erowid says "booted" is slang for being "under the influence", which works equally well. Pick your own meaning.

Please do not take the listed boot factor as gospel. It may or may not be at all accurate, as for most games, I have to rely on what others have told me (or what the description of the game itself says) as I have not actually played them. It would take damned near all year if you played one game every night. If you disagree as to the boot factor of a game, by all means leave a comment beneath it and I will take it under advisement.

What do the game types mean?

Following is a list of currently-supported game types and a clarification of what they mean.

Term Description
A board game is a game in which counters or pieces that are placed on, removed from, or moved across a "board" (a premarked surface usually specific to that game). Most board games become drinking games with minimal manipulation.

Games in which an object (usually a ping-pong ball or a coin) is bounced onto, into, over, or through an obstacle. These games may utilize an existing surface or might require the purchase or construction of equipment.

A card game is any game using playing cards as the primary things with which the game is played, be they traditional or game-specific. Many card games involve traditional games, with drinks awarded with hands, points, or games; others are entirely crafted for the purpose of assigning drinks to players.

Games whose goal is to consume alcohol rapidly.


Games involving a coin, whether bounced, thrown, spun, or otherwise handled.


The relationship between computers and alcohol is often insufficiently accounted for.


Games whose purpose is to test ability to function while inebriated.


Games involving the throwing of darts.


Games based on the rolling of dice.


Games which test one's endurance to consume alcohol. These games have a greater tendency towards danger than some others.


How Much is One Drink?

One drink is as much as the group decides it is. Some groups are interested in measuring drinking performance (especially around colleges and such) and they mandate drinks of a fixed quantity. Others are just out to have fun, and it's not so critical to be down to the milliliter. In general, when I play drinking games, my friends and I are willing to let you be the judge of the size of your drinks. Vomiting is not the goal.

What's the story with drinking game copyright?

Some games on this site have indeterminate copyright. While that sort of precludes ever publishing a paper book from these games, I do not believe it is a serious issue. If the original copyright holders request that the content be removed from the site, then I am more than happy to do so provided that they can show some evidence that they developed the content, and that they're not just some yahoo.

Other games have quite explicit copyright. In general these are presented here by permission of their owners. In only one case has anyone requested that I remove a game from this collection; I have done significant websearching and I have been unable to locate it again. Yet again, my web content outlasts objections about it. In general people are happy to see their content copied so long as they get credit and a link back. I am not trying to harm you by mirroring content and I am always happy to provide a source link.

How do I submit additions to the site?

If you think of any games I might have missed, you can email them to drink@hyperlogos.org, or simply add it yourself. Please Search for the game you are submitting before you mail it in - I have traditionally received many of duplicates. Please don't just copy a game from another site and submit it to me, either.

When you add a game, you are asked to put in a game type and a boot factor. Please answer these as correctly and completely as possible. When emailing a game, please send only one game per email, as it makes them substantially easier to manage. Still, it makes much more sense to just add the game to the list yourself. Games added in this fashion will not show up immediately; they must be approved before they will appear in the list.

Aren't you causing irreparable harm to society?

Short answer: I sure hope so!

Long answer: Every once in a while (but very rarely) I get some angry messages from some people who can't handle their alcohol. They complain that drinking games are self-destructive and harmful in general. These people are absolutely correct, but they're missing some very important points, points which protect their interests as well as mine. The first point is that I am not responsible for you, nor you for me. I am the master of my own behavior and only I control my own actions. The same is true for everyone else.

Ultimately, there seem to be two reasons for alcoholism. One is stupidity and the other is heredity. If you find that you are genetically predisposed to being an idiot, then perhaps you should take measures to mitigate the effects of your stupidity. I can not and will not be held responsible for death, injury, pregnancy, or any other negative results of overconsumption of alcohol or any other substance. Please be responsible enough to avoid drinking games if you can't handle your liquor.


I like the professional approach you took to put these questions together. That is a whole lot of different categories. I have also compiled a list of college drinking games. I merged several drinking game categories into my general game types. Check it out and let me know what you think.

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