Drink Responsibly

As I am running a drinking games website, I feel it is necessary to say something about the evils of alcohol. Like most anything on the planet, it is not inherently ill, but used improperly or to excess it can have significant negative effects.

I think most of us are already familiar with the effects of alcohol on health, so I won't go into a long diatribe about that. And, in spite of one of my parents being an alcoholic (in recovery now, thankfully) I won't start a rant about alcoholism. But I will say this: While alcohol can make you feel good, and drinking alcohol is social and fun in many situations, alcohol doesn't always lead to a fun time. It often leads to injury and death; in even more situations it leads to broken hearts, poor decisions, and in general idiot thinking.

Now, I do play drinking games on occasion. I've been known to enjoy the occasional game of three man. I also overdo my drinking on occasion, and always have reason to regret it. Whether I'm poisoning myself with vodka and red bull at panama jack's or riding a wave of surfers on acid from the ghost bar straight to my bed for two days, I always wonder just what compelled me to drink so much. This is the particularly insidious thing about alcohol... it takes time to take effect. By the time you know you've drunk too much, well, it's too late.

So in summary, know your limits and if you love your life, make sure to drink only around people who will take care of you. Know when people are too tired of your drunken crap to babysit you any more, and take it as a sign, because the next sign may come too late to stop you from drowning in your own vomit.

Please, drink responsibly, and if you cannot drink responsibly, don't drink. And one final note - whatever you do, please don't drink and drive. I believe that you have the right to endanger your own life, and no one should be allowed to make that decision for you, but your right to do as you like ends when you're endangering mine.

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