Doom for Intellivision

The below screen shot of DOOM for Intellivision is accompanied by some funky digital noise which I have no idea how to capture and put here from one of these emulators without installing additional software. I've installed three versions of it already. One of the emulators has an AVI capture mode on it, maybe I should try doing that. I generated the screen shot below with Nostalgia, a neat Intellivision emulator. I'm sorry about the dodgy quality, but I hit alt-printscreen a little too late, and I'd already spent too much time on this. It's not like it's really playable at these speeds anyway.

To hear the music and see the sights yourself, download doom.rom or doom.bin for the various emulators you might download. Some emulators want the .rom format, some .bin. Read their documentation to figure out which yours is, or just download both files.

Intellivision Doom Screen Shot (partial)
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