Automotive Technology

Like many Americans, I've always been fascinated by cars. I'm only 29 and I've owned something like fifteen of them; I currently have three (two in working order.) Over time, I've learned about cars for the most pragmatic reason possible: I cannot afford to take them to repair shops. Well, sure, I could afford to, but then I'd have to go without toys, and let's face it, life is about toys.

Over time, I've shared much of what I know about cars on Everything2 but I've had the urge to develop my own car site, where I can use images and talk about whatever I want. Since you still own any content posted to E2, I'm able to repost all of the content here and make changes freely.

I will accept contributions to the book, but unlike other content posted to the site, I require assignation of copyright to myself. I may someday decide to publish a book based on this material, and I don't want to go chasing copyright holders around for permission, or have to rewrite a lot of material and somehow make it substantially different so that I'm not infringing copyright. Sorry.

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