1989 Nissan 240SX

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Sold: I sold this car to a friend's brother, who a year or so later still owes me $300... Sigh. Update: I got almost all the money, but now neither one is my friend. Good to get paid, though.

There used to be a lot of content here about my plans for the car. Since I made those pages the car has been run into a barrier and improperly repaired by a body shop. I have also become very unemployed. Then I re-repaired the front end, but it could still use some work, mostly paint, but also a little bit of core support tweaking. Ideally, it would get a core support replacement, or for that matter a clip. Most of the car now has black primer. Free advice: Never go to Ken Allmon's Custom Auto Body in Clearlake, CA. He put my front end together over 30mm too narrow! How you even manage that, I have no idea. The core support that was put on the car came from the vehicle the hood came from; when I tried to put the hood on the car, it didn't fit. Very sad, indeed.

The car doesn't look this good any more; the front end is tweaked, the front fascia is black, the hood is black, and there are hood pins and little padlocks on it, muscle car style.

I have installed the following modifications (in the following order):

  • Powerslot front rotors
  • Axis Metal Masters pads
  • Teardrop clear front side markers w/amber bulbs
  • Hood Pins, w/brass master lock padlocks in black slip covers
  • Hella H4 composite headlight conversion, superwhite bulbs
  • Custom motorless fixed-position sleepy headlight conversion
  • TSW 15x7" wheels, 9lb ea., wearing Kumho 711 215/45-15s (21lb. each)
    At least two wheels are bent and all wheels have some cracking around the area where the center hub cover would normally be mounted. The wheels are basically a loss unless they are straightened, in which case they would be excellent track wheels. They're very light.
  • Suspension system consisting of Koni Yellow shocks, Ground Control (or similar) coil-overs, Eibach ERS springs, and front "pillow ball" upper strut mounts.
  • Nissan 300ZX (Z32) NA R200V VLSD (viscous limited slip differential) with S13 diff cover (necessary for mounting) and 1991-1993 (1992 actually) Infiniti J30 axles for fit/bolt pattern
  • $15 driving lights (which have cost me $15 in hardware since, take note)
  • Illuminated cigarette lighter socket
  • Clear turn signals w/amber bulbs
  • Megan Racing 3" 302 Stainless Steel cat-back exhaust system w/silencer
  • Mookeh MK1 Short Shifter
    Needs one (of two total) bracket made - it's a tiny little arc of metal about two inches long with two holes drilled through and two nuts welded on. Should run you about ten bucks from any welding shop where there's someone working there who's not an ass.
  • Whiteline T/C rod bushings
  • New front lower control arms with whiteline polyurethane bushings and new Moog ball joints
  • Rear adjustable-length toe rod and upper link (for large camber and toe adjustments)
  • Magnaflow 2.5" high-flow catalytic converter

I have but have not yet installed the following parts:

  • Pilot front strut tower brace
  • Stainless steel brake lines and fittings by Hawk Brake
  • Russell Speed Bleeder brake bleeding valves
  • Nissan 300ZX (Z32) NA front brake calipers
    These could use some more sandblasting, then painting; I started the job and never finished. Then they need to be rebuilt (i.e. assembled.)

I am planning to do all or most of the above at the same time, but I am waiting on some other doodads.

  • Elf DOT 5.1 non-synthetic brake fluid
  • New bolts for FSTB
  • For the 300ZX brakes:
    300ZX 26mm (thickness) rotors drilled to 4-lug pattern (three holes to drill - they're on the same circle)
    Rebuild kits for calipers
    Will work with the steel braided brake lines I have (but not with factory lines, due to stupid banjo fittings on them)

Planning anything else would be a waste of time at this point as there is not much money available for upgrades. This should keep me on my toes for a while anyway. I would love to do a sileighty conversion, and a CA18DET swap, but I certainly have money for neither.

This was the original plan for upgrading my vehicle. The important part here is that none of the things on this list (Except the new engine) cost more than a thousand dollars. Also, for the most part, nothing here that relies on anything else costs more than a thousand dollars. Also now missing is any mention of wheels and tires. The total on this is $6070, plus I got the suspension, the wheels I have (now bent due to lake county roads) and the coil-over suspension which has koni yellow shocks and eibach springs for $1500, so call it about $9000 with some really sexy wheels and tires. You'd be at about 220 BHP, about 2600 pounds, rolling in the Sil-Eighty which has never been sold in the US (it's just a body style, but still) and with absolutely superb handling. The donor parts car was an autocross car with a long row of win stickers along the bottom of the rear window and up one side. The car's a very sleek fastback, so it's a pretty big window.

Item Price Purpose Installed?
Silvia S13 SR20DET 2.0 liter DOHC Turbo motor ~$2200 More HP but less torquey, tons of bolt-ons No
300ZX VLSD Differential * More even power, better traction


K&N Filter $50 Less restrictive air filter; ~3-7hp boost


3" Cat-Back Exhaust System $250 Less restrictive exhaust; ~5-15hp boost when combined with intake mods Yes
Silvia front end $500 Sil-eighty conversion
Metal hood, fiberglass fenders, poly nose, headlights
Veilside USA S13 Silvia EI model front half-spoiler $400 Increase downforce, alter appearance No
Edge Wing $700 Downforce and air-spoiling, decrease lift and turbulence No
Adjustable Coil-over kit * Adjust ride height (not on the fly) and damping


Whiteline Sway Bars $260 Reduce side-to-side suspension flex No
Pilot Front Strut Tower Brace $60 Reduce trapezoidal flex up front Yes
Do-Luck Rear Cross Brace $350+ Reduce trapezoidal flex in rear No
300ZX Front Brake Conversion $330+ Improved braking force, reduced brake fade No
Kumho Ecsta 711 215-50/15 $220 Good grip in both dry and wet weather, more grip than stock Yes
Leather Seat Covers $750 It's sexy, what more can you ask for? No

* Parts with prices marked with an asterisk were pulled from another car.

Prices may be estimated and/or old. Prices for items which are installed on the vehicle are prices at time of purchase and may or may not have anything to do with anything today.

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