Games whose play involves speech, usually the successful completion of tongue twisters, or successfully remembering and repeating word associations.

Biz Buz Bang

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From: Scott Bryant 
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 1996 17:21:19 -0400
Organization: Xerox, The Document Company
Subject: Variation of buzz

Credits also to one Scott Kropman.

Haven't you heard of Biz Buz Bang? It's similar to Buzz, except that it's a bit more challenging...


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Simple game, low buzz factor. None the less entertaining when a good buzz is already attained. Required supplies: people, and of course, beer.

Sit in a circle. The first player says 'one,' the next player says 'two,' and so on down the line. However, when someone reaches a number that is divisible by 7, s/he says "buzz."

If the player misses a "buzz" when needed, or when an unnecessary "buzz" occurs, that player drinks.


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"Bernard" is a vocal game in which you get in a circle and the first person whispers bernard, then the next person in the circle has to say bernard but slightly louder... this continues until people are shouting bernard as loud as possible.

Drinking is incorporated into this game, if somebody decides not to shout bernard louder than the person before them, they must finish the rest of their beer. This game works best in a quietish bar or pub, as it's more embarrassing and will attract the attention of any irate bar staff or other customers.

Word Association

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All you need is some intoxicating substance, a party and you're off!

Someone obviously has to start (who can be determined in a number of interesting ways). This he does by saying a word, any word as long as it's not a person, and pointing to someone else. He in turn then has to say another word associating to the one word JUST before and pointing to someone else. Easy!


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You begin by going around the circle. Each player chooses an animal to be. They need the action and the noise for the animal. For example, I'm usually the Elephant. I put my elbow to my nose and raise my arm, making trumpeting noises. Another exmaple is the cow (make horns on your head with your fingers and go moo).

To play the game, whoever starts makes their animal action and noise, then that of another player. That play then does their animal, followed by someone elses. And so on. Easy to learn, works best with 6-8


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