USENET is an infrastructure for passing messages back and forth between users which has used for untold purposes; discussing alcohol and the ways to best consume it has only required thousands and thousands of those messages so far.

soc.culture.nordic Drinking Game, The

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From: Lee Choquette <>
Date: 24 Nov 92 11:58:18 MST

I got the idea for this article from one about the US presidential debates posted in rec.humor.funny last month. I've also seen such games for several different TV shows. Now I introduce...


The alt.philosophy.objectivism Drinking Game

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Date: Oct 11, 1994
From: Paul Hsieh <>
Subject: The A.P.O. Drinking Game

Have you ever read a bunch of articles on 'alt.philosophy.objectivism' and been dismayed by how much in-fighting and name-calling goes on?

Have you wondered why people aren't discussing the lofty ideas of Objectivism more?

Have you spent most of your time on a.p.o. tapping the <spacebar> as rapidly as humanly possible because none of the articles were worth reading?

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