Games to be played along with the watching of television shows.

Due South

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Due South Drinking Game

Sorted by character, number of drinks, and alphabetically.

Note: use any beverage or snack of choice, but most of all, have fun!

Dennis Miller

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A game which applies to any show Dennis Miller runs (but was specifically for his HBO show back in the day) by RICHH:

Turn the sound off, make a pitcher of kamikazes, and every time he runs his hand through his hair you either have to do a shot or take off an article of clothing.

Star Trek: Deep Space 9

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You've gotten plastered for Star Trek, you've gotten wrecked sipping every time Capt. Picard adjusted his shirt, and now you've got yet another excuse to drink beer: the "Deep Space 9" drinking game. Like the ST:TOS and ST:TNG games, a drink is taken for common events that are part of the show (such as Kirk always kissing the (alien) girl, Worf getting beat up, etc). Some fans start to look forward to these events.

Star Trek: The Next Generation

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Star Trek: The Next Generation
The Canonical Drinking Game
Compiled by: Mark Yocom

Special Thanks To:

Raymond Chen (
Christopher Becker (
Pat (SPAM) (
John Graziano
Robert Tarr (
John Connelly (
Michael McDaniel (
Stan Paszt (
Alpha Theta Coeducational Fraternity [Electro Productions]

Star Trek: The Original Series

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Sip if any of the following occur:

  • Bones says "He's dead, Jim."
  • Bones points out he's a doctor, not a ___________
  • Kirk gets the girl
  • Kirk outwits a computer
  • Kirk violates the prime directive
  • Kirk's shirt gets ripped
  • Kirk bluffs his out
  • Kirk takes responsibility for the whole crew
  • Kirk saves the day with a stirring speech
  • Kirk kisses the girl
  • Kirk says "We come in peace" and "shoot to kill" in the same sentence
  • Kirk says "Phasers on stun"
  • Spock shows emotion

Days of our Lives

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Following a long-established Internet tradition, Kristen Freilich and Sara Marks have each contributed a drinking game for watchers of "Days of Our Lives." Either should put you in the right mood for watching "Days."

Kristen Freilich's DOOL Drinking Game

Kristen Freilich was one of Northwestern's talented undergraduate drama majors and computer goddesses. She was graduated in June of 1995.

Kristen Freilich was a "Days" fan. Her original DOOL drinking game refers

Peter Carruthers

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Editor's Note: See also Wikipedia on Peter Carruthers

I've decided it's time to officially give Peter Carruthers his own drinking game rules, to go with Trudi's original "Dick Button Drinking Game" and "Scott Hamilton Drinking Game".

You know the ground rules by now. Arm yourself with your favorite drink, choose your favorite skater.....

Beers for Cheers

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Very simple. Low-mid buzz factor. Grab a few beers, watch old episodes of "Cheers." Everytime Norm touches his beer, you must take a gulp of your beer. Anytime he actually drinks from the beer you must pound your beer during the entire time he is drinking.

Alternate version: Pick a character. Any time they drink, you drink. Any time they say one of their traditional lines, drink. Any time they do something stereotypical, drink.

Trek-Style Version: Runs with all characters. Any time anyone drinks, drink. Any time Sam talks about getting laid, drink. If Woody talks

Battlestar Galactica

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Editor's note: This game was conceived before the new, revisionist series was ever a gleam in anyone's eye, let alone on the air.

(a.k.a. Picking Nits in the Fleet)


One "drink" is one sip.

Two- and three-part episodes are counted as seperate episodes. Exceptions to this are: The movie or three-hour ABC pilot version of the first three episodes and the original two-hour ABC version of "Greetings from Earth."


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