Games whose intent is humiliation, usually of the uninitiated.

Drink or Dare

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Date: 24 Sep 98 17:49:33 MDT
From: Marie Frank 
Subject: New drinking game

The dare aspect of this game makes it interesting or humiliating.

Beer, Ice Cubes, Paper Cups, Deck of cards.
2-4 male players (If you're being ridiculous) - Ed.

The cards are scattered between the players and they begin taking turns drawing from the stack. When a player draws their first ace they must take one drink, and after that has been drawn, their first two - two drinks, and after that their first three - three drinks and so on working sequentially through the first 10 cards.

Beer Hunter

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The rules are so easy, a drunk person could understand. All you need for this game is a sixpack, a box, and people to play it with you.

Take one can. Shake it. Now I don't mean just shake it, I mean SHAKE the sucker! Till it's about to blow up. Then put it in the box with the others and mix them around (one person not looking) and then switch them around again (the other person not looking) Basically, nobody knows where it is.

Beer Bungee

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Maybe not a game that you will be able to play every weekend, but will be highly entertaining when you get the chance. You will need a good 20 feet of bungee cord (or proportional to room size), beer, and willing participants.

Attach the rope onto a wall facing a bar or table. Make the gap between the bar and the wall about 20-30 feet. But make sure that the bungee rope is only 20 feet long, but when stretched, reaches 30 feet or thereabouts.

Then place a beer onto the bar, tie someone to the other end of the rope and watch as they try to stretch their way to a beer.

Beat the Barman

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Another game for the insane, very very high buzz factor. As the story goes, nobody has ever won, lost or drawn.

Some tips :

  • don't play it in a crowded bar (you may lose 'your' barman).
  • Make sure the bar staff are friendly and can take a joke (very important to avoid a draw).
  • Don't make any plans for the following morning.

The steps are very simple :

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