Games whose purpose is to test ability to function while inebriated.


Game Type: 
Boot Factor: 

A physically and mentally "challenging" game. Low buzz factor.
Supplies: people, beer, and a quarter.

A group of people sit around a flat table with one quarter. One person takes the quarter and stands it on edge on the table, holding it with the end of his/her finger. with his other hand, (or with the same hand holding the quarter), he hits the quarter, causing it to spin (like a top) across the table.

Sink the Battleship

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Boot Factor: 

A game of skill, a game of challenge, a game of intrigue? Low-Mid buzz factor. Supplies: people, beer, pitcher, and glasses.

Each player will need a glass of beer. Float an extra glass in the pitcher of beer (adding some beer to the glass may be needed for stability). Each player takes turns pouring beer into the floating glass. After a five second wait, the next player then pours into glass.

Pub Crawl

Boot Factor: 

The world needs more fun things to do in public, such as this next game. What you will need for supplies are people (in pairs), money, and a list of your favorite bars (within walking distance).

This game, in its simplest form, is a race. The two people who choose to be partners become a three-legged team by tying one of their legs together. Then, depending on the number of teams, everyone starts at the same bar. The procedure is that each team must consume two beers (one per person). As each team finishes their beers, they quickly head onto the next establishment, preferably after paying, still joined at the leg.

Drop the Dime

Game Type: 
Boot Factor: 

To play this game you will need a cigarette, a glass, a napkin, and a dime. Unfold the napkin and place it over the mouth of the glass so that it will stay in place (may need to secure with tape or rubber band). Then place the dime in the center of the napkin. The object is to see how much of the napkin you can burn away, taking turns, with the cigarette. The player to cause the dime to drop consumes a full glass of beer.

Cigar Game, The

Game Type: 
Boot Factor: 

Contributed by Andrew Mobbs

All participants donate money towards buying one cigar. This is then passed round the participants, each of whom takes one drag on the cigar, (non-smokers need not inhale), and passes it on. A penalty is incurred by the person who causes the ash to fall from the cigar. A recomendation is that the penalty be fairly heavy, up to and including the entire drink.


Game Type: 
Boot Factor: 

Number of players: Minimum of two


  • at least two cups (standard keg cups work great)
  • as many bottle caps as you can get a hold of
  • water
  • beer

The Game:

Players sit approx 10 feet from each other on the floor (depends on the size of the room and the skill of the players). Players alternately flip the bottle caps at each others goal - the cup, which is filled about half way with water (this prevents caps from popping out).

Bite the Bag

Game Type: 
Boot Factor: 
From: Fisher CoB Student 
Subject: bite the bag

This is an interesting game I first played as a college freshman. It WILL get you drunk if played correctly.

Ingredients: beer, people (4-8 is optimal), a large PAPER grocery bag, and a fairly large space. An outside deck is perfect.

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