Games whose abilities to pollute your liver seem random.


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Date: Sat, 9 Jan 1999 05:51:39 EST
From: BBDani202@aol.com
To: drink@slashpalace.org
Subject: Here is a drinking game you might what to check out

Hello.. I was reading your web page on drinking games! Me and some friends love playing bullshit but you play alot different than we do. Maybe you will like this way if not I just thought I would tell you it! OK.

Things you need: people and drinks

OK, Everyone stands in a circle and everyone picks a color! Make sure everyone knows their color! OK so say we have Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, and Brown!


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Holy cow Batman, it's a drinking game about our campy antics. Grab some beer and tune in.

BatBeer is played while watching a "Batman" movie (original 60's or those Michael Keaton ones), or the TV show, (original or 90's animated). Every time anybody says "bat"-anything, you take a drink. If Robin says "holy"-anything then finish your beer. If Robin is in really being "holy," you may want to change this to 5 gulps or so. If O'Reilly says anything Irish (original shows), then you chug an entire beer.

Word Association

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All you need is some intoxicating substance, a party and you're off!

Someone obviously has to start (who can be determined in a number of interesting ways). This he does by saying a word, any word as long as it's not a person, and pointing to someone else. He in turn then has to say another word associating to the one word JUST before and pointing to someone else. Easy!

Another World

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The "Another World" Drinking Game.
Contributed by Eddie Drueding
Conceived and mostly written by Eddie Drueding, with help from Anita, ksw, and Susan L. McConihay

Take one drink whenever...

  • Jake lies to Paulina.
  • Vicky lies to Ryan.
  • Paulina remarks to Jake how honest he is and how all the lies are behind them.
  • Ryan remarks how Vicky can be honest with him and tell him anything.
  • Paulina butts in where she doesn't belong.
  • Tomas answers a door without his shirt on.

Beverly Hills 90210 (3)

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Ok, folks, here it is: the semi-official 1993 Beverly Hills, 90210 drinking game. IMHO, you'd have to be not sober to watch it anyway, but's that's JMO, right? :-) One word of warning: if you play this game as described, you will possibly wind up with alcohol poisoning. If you play this game using something non-alcoholic, your bladder will probably explode by the first commercial break.

Provided by: Jonathan M. Vinson, Author unknown

Beverly Hills 90210 (2)

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The Definative 90210 Drinking Game
Created 12/17/91 by Penny Elizabeth Ann Marie Breyer
Originally intended to be used with Episode 2.18 "A Walsh Family Christmas" aired on 12/19/91

Revised 1/28/94 by Lawrence Estep to delete some obsolete rules, and re-word a few others.

Contributors: Todd M Swan, Jeff Abbott, Lawrence Estep.


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To: DRINK@slashpalace.org
From: Marissa Burchette 

This is a game best played in bars. You'll need five dice, all of which are rolled at once. Whoever rolls the seventh "1" calls the shot, whoever rolls the eleventh "1" pays for it, and whoever rolls the 21st "1" drinks it.


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