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Nothing quite like a drinking game based on games we grew up on. The normal supplies are needed: Beer and people. But you will also need a checker- board (or something similar), and instead of checkers, lots of small glasses, such as a shot glass. The glasses should be of two different types, one for each player.

Set up the board normally, and fill the glasses with beer or some other mixed drink. Straight shots will cause death.

Play the game as you normally would, except that you have only five


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A simple game that requires a little bit of thought. Standard supplies: people and beer.

Any player can start the game, all it takes is the calling out of a category. The next player then has to say some that fits into that category. Play ends when somebody repeats something that has already been said, or can't think of anything new. The player at fault takes a drink, then play starts again with a new category.

Sample categories: States, Cars, Brands of Beer, Sexual Positions, Brands of Cigarettes, Animals, Colors, etc.

Peter Carruthers

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Editor's Note: See also Wikipedia on Peter Carruthers

I've decided it's time to officially give Peter Carruthers his own drinking game rules, to go with Trudi's original "Dick Button Drinking Game" and "Scott Hamilton Drinking Game".

You know the ground rules by now. Arm yourself with your favorite drink, choose your favorite skater.....


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Number of players: Minimum of two


  • at least two cups (standard keg cups work great)
  • as many bottle caps as you can get a hold of
  • water
  • beer

The Game:

Players sit approx 10 feet from each other on the floor (depends on the size of the room and the skill of the players). Players alternately flip the bottle caps at each others goal - the cup, which is filled about half way with water (this prevents caps from popping out).


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The bare minimum is 4 players, but 6 or more is far preferable. The players sit around a table or is some other way such that everyone has one person on his left and one on his right.

Somebody starts by holding both hands up to the side of his head and waving them up and down like bunny ears. Whenever someone is doing this, the person on his left must have their right hand up by the side of their head(and waving), and the person on his right must have their left hand up (and waving).

Now, the person with both hands up (the bunny) tags to another player

Bouncing Ball

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A very interesting and imaginative game. Mid level buzz factor. Supplies: people, beer, and an imaginary ball.

Everyone sits around a table. There are only three words that can be said: WHIZ, BOUNCE, and BOING. Someone starts by saying one of the words.

WHIZ = the ball passes to next player.
BOUNCE = the ball skips the next player and goes to the following player.
BOING = ball hits wall and reverses direction.

The penalty for errors is drinking.

Variation: play with difficult words such as PERFIGLIANO, SCHWARTZ, and a players name.

Bite the Bag

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From: Fisher CoB Student 
Subject: bite the bag

This is an interesting game I first played as a college freshman. It WILL get you drunk if played correctly.

Ingredients: beer, people (4-8 is optimal), a large PAPER grocery bag, and a fairly large space. An outside deck is perfect.

Beers for Cheers

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Very simple. Low-mid buzz factor. Grab a few beers, watch old episodes of "Cheers." Everytime Norm touches his beer, you must take a gulp of your beer. Anytime he actually drinks from the beer you must pound your beer during the entire time he is drinking.

Alternate version: Pick a character. Any time they drink, you drink. Any time they say one of their traditional lines, drink. Any time they do something stereotypical, drink.

Trek-Style Version: Runs with all characters. Any time anyone drinks, drink. Any time Sam talks about getting laid, drink. If Woody talks

Beer Pong

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Just like ping-pong, this can be played either in singles or doubles. Supplies: players, beer, and a ping-pong table (or make your own, described later).

Each player fills a cup with beer and places it one paddle-width from the end of the table, in the center (or a paddle-width from the side for doubles). Hitting your opponent's cup earns you a point and requires the opponent to sip (5 sips to a cup). If you get the ball in your opponent's cup, you are awarded 5 points and the opponent must drink whatever remains in the cup (excluding the ball).


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Backgammon. A pretty tame game, that just gets tamer. Supplies: you and a partner who wants to play Backgammon, the game itself, and some beverage. Low-mid buzz factor, depending on how fierce the competition is.

Play the game as usual. Any time one of your pieces gets sent to the bar, drink. As well, each time you take a piece off the board, drink again. Pretty straightforward. No winners or losers, really; Just drunk backgammon players.


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