Games clearly intended to cause an advanced state of intoxication.

Double O Seven

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Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1999 23:49:36 -0800 (PST)
From: "\" Q80 Style \"" 
To: drink@slashpalace.org
Subject: 007

I don't know if you got that one or not, we always play it hear in Oregon State U. It's called double O 7 (007).

it needs 4 players/drinkers, they sit in a circule. The person who starts is usually who owns the place, or who brought the beer, he/she starts saying O then points at somebody to continue, the person who got pointed at says O and points at another person (or same or himself/herself), then the person who got pointed at says 7 and points at someone, and that someone says BANG! and points.


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As the name implies, dictator is another "abuse of power game," such as "Asshole." Standard supplies: people, beer, and a deck of cards. Of course, a bad joke regarding potatoes always comes to mind, but that's a different story.

Begin play by have all players draw a card. The player with the highest card is the dictator. The dictator then announces some card-based condition(s) and deals out as many cards as he likes (try to keep it less than 5 per player). For every card a player has that meets the announced conditions, they take a drink. The dictator is also dealt a hand of cards, except giving, rather than taking drinks. After dealing, the dictatorship passes to the left.


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Quite similar to, but not as involved as Three Man. Still, a high buzz factor. Standard supplies: beer, people, liquor, dice.

Roll two dice. Anything that adds up to six (i.e. 2-4,5-1) or has a six in it (i.e. 6-1, 6-2, 6-2, 6-3, 6-4, 6-5), you drink a "good" gulp of beer.

Dennis Miller

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A game which applies to any show Dennis Miller runs (but was specifically for his HBO show back in the day) by RICHH:

Turn the sound off, make a pitcher of kamikazes, and every time he runs his hand through his hair you either have to do a shot or take off an article of clothing.

Death Ring

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The name alone should inspire great caution. Gather many risk-loving friends, mass hordes of beer, two decks of cards and get ready for some serious consumption.

Everyone is in a circle. The first person draws a card. The next person draws a card. If the card is related to the first card drawn (related meaning it is the same value or if it is the same suit) then both players must drink the number of sips as on their card. (jack=11 drinks, queen=12, etc.). If they have both have the exact same card then they have to drink double the

Dazed and Confused

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Contributed by Benjamin Wien.

Get lots of beers and a copy of Dazed and Confused. Whenever anyone says "man", drink. At certain points in the movie you must down a whole beer.

These points are:

  • When Melvin says "You know us, we got a few sixers! Youwith us?"
  • Funneling scene at the moontower.
  • When Wooderson pulls into the fast food place "Allright, Allright..."

Circle of Death

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From: EMK1020 
To: drink@slashpalace.org
Subject: Circle of Death

Take a deck of shuffled cards and set them up into a circle (doesn't matter how).

The first person chooses a card. If a black card comes up, the next person draws. This continues until a red card is picked. Who ever is unlucky (or lucky) enough to get the red card has to drink the combined ammount of the black cards in seconds. Believe me, it can add up!

A player must keep drinking and choosing until he/she gets a black card, hence the name, Circle of Death. :)


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Date: Sun, 10 Jan 1999 08:34:53 -0500
From: Dave 
To: drink@slashpalace.org
Subject: Beer Drinking Game : Circle

I guarantee this is one of the best beer drinking games ever.

Supplies : Beer, People (at least two), and a Deck Of Cards.
High, real high, fuct factor. (If you can finish it).

Spread a deck of shuffled cards into a circle. Going clockwise, each player picks up a card when its their turn. (Simple).

Card Values

AceCheers! The person who picked up the ace picks what to cheer for.

Chutes and Ladders

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Go out and buy the childrens' board game.

Modify the rules as such:

Whenever you go UP a ladder, count the number of squares OVER and UP that you are propelled, and distribute that many drinks among your opponents. (eg. 4 over and 3 up---7 drinks: 2 to person A, 3 to B, 2 to C, for ex.).

Whenever you go DOWN a chute, count the number of squares OVER and DOWN that you are propelled, and drink that many YOURSELF. For computer geeks, just tell them to count the Hamming distance.

If, when you spin the 'spinner', and it comes up a tie (i.e. it doesn't


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