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Subject: Two games.
Date: Tue, 27 Oct 98 14:15:56 +1000
From: "Michael F. Tomkins" <m.tomkins@student.canberra.edu.au>
To: <drink@slashpalace.org>


"Fast game is a good game, the name of the game is zoom, ball is in the court of brother/sister [name]" and the starter zooms the ball to the person named.

Moves (on imaginary ball)
Zoomlook at target, point elbow, hit fist of point arm with palm of other to zoom ball.
Slapslaps side of face, left slap to person on right etc.
Shrugshrug shoulders to pass back to person who gave you the ball.
Fuckoffpalm over elbow, while straighting other arm with fist, same shrug.
Eatmeslap thighs, palms up, same shrug.
Whoalift arms in air saying whoa (like mexican wave), back to starter.
Starterperson who starts the game, can make rules and moves (additional ways to move ball).
Joke cornerperson who did not follow a direct ruling, is bad at game, is person starter does/does not like, must drink with other penalities, can ask to be let out by Starter.
drop the ballnot playing at a pass, consume.
3 plus 1repeating an action or series of actions 3 plus 1 times, consume.
Drink or Foursaying consume or 3 plus 1, consume.
Not asking to enter or leaveconsume.
Pointing with fingerconsume.
Leftyconsuming with right hand, additional consume.
Michael F. Tomkins                  C code
m.tomkins@student.canberra.edu.au   C code run
University of Canberra, Australia.  Run code run

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