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Article: 49299 of alt.tv.x-files
From: knurt@ix.netcom.com (Derek )
Subject: Re: x-file drinking games
Date: 28 Jun 1995 10:22:19 GMT

There are three levels of play, the higher the level the more wasted you'll be.

Level 1: Just A Buzz
Take one drink every time...

  • Mulder makes a bad joke or pun.
  • The time, date, or location appears at the bottom of the screen.
  • Mulder appears unshaven and grubby.
  • Scully or Mulder go into a dark dangerous place without waiting for the other.
  • Scully expresses an entire idea just by saying "Mulder?"
  • Scully brushes her hair out of her eyes.
  • Mulder puts the X in the window.
  • Mulder or Scully raise their voices.
  • Mulder or Scully listen to their answering machines.
  • The current X file is related to a 50 year old X file that only Mulder knows still exists.
Level 2: Good Thing I'm Not Driving
Take two drinks every time...

  • Mulder or Scully call each other via Cell Phone.
  • Mulder or Scully bust out the lightsabre flash lights.
  • Cancer Man smokes a cigarette.
  • Mr. X talks to Mulder.
  • An X file leads Mulder and Scully to an alien, monster, mutant, ghost, or person with supernatural powers.
  • Scully or Mulder flash their badges.
  • Somebody dies.
  • Mulder or Scully come into contact with a previously unknown virus, parasite, or odd life-form that almost kills them.
  • Mulder or Scully draw their guns.
  • Mulder and Scully have different theories on a case.

Level 3: Wow Look At The Colors
Drink a Full Beer or Shot Every Time...

  • Cancer Man stubs out a Cigarette.
  • Krycheck kills somebody.
  • Skinner and Mulder argue with each other.
  • Scully or Mulder get Kidnapped/abducted.
  • Mulder runs his fingers through his hair, or appears in a speedo.
  • A metal object is found in a suspected alien abductee.
  • A computer does something computers can't do.
  • We see any of the conspiracy gang. (Mulder's 3 pals...The Lone Gunmen, that is)
  • We see an alien or UFO
  • Mulder beats somebody up.
  • We see the adduction of Mulder's sister.

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