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The Rules: It's fairly simple, just get a beverage of your choice (preferably alcoholic) and take as many sips as mentioned when that scenario shows up.

1 sip:
  • Mulder says something funny
  • Either character smiles
  • 1013 or any other sequence adding up to 5 shows up
  • A mutant/alien/monster kills someone
  • Characters show their badges
  • Mulder eats sunflower seeds
  • Scully drinks iced tea
  • Echo of opening music plays
  • Anyone says anything about a conspiracy theory
  • Mulder contacts Deep Throat/ Mr X
  • Either character fires gun
  • A computer does something computers can't do
  • Skinner appears
  • Cancer Man appears

2 sips:

  • Mulder and Scully appear in FOX ID Before the show
  • Mulder or Scully launches into an awkward sounding explanation of some historical/scientific fact/principle
  • Mulder or Scully kills someone
  • Someone dies an extremely gory death
  • Mulder does a voice over
  • Mulder goes into a dark place alone

3 sips:

  • Mulder or Scully gets kidnapped
  • Mulder or Scully goes into quarantine
  • Mulder or Scully goes on a date
  • You see Mulder's or Scully's dreams
  • Mulder or Scully is put in jail
  • An important person dies

4 sips:

  • Mulder loses his temper
  • Internet/alt.tv.x-files is mentioned
  • Mulder or Scully is seen in swimming suit
  • Alien appears
  • An Actor from Twin Peaks appears (other than Mulder)

5 sips:

  • Space Craft appears
  • Scully goes into a dark place alone
  • A Dead person appears

Event Requiring special action:
Mulder and Scully get Romantic: (action) Smash your TV set and begin a letter writing campagn to Fox asking the network to cancel the show.

Ending of episode is totally closed with no unanswered questions and the Alien turns out to be a guy in a mask who is haunting the house to lower its property values. At the end, Shaggy and Scooby Doo help crack the case: (action) Same as above.

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