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After seeing a few posts on RSPW about the possibility of a WCW drinking game, The MoMutants decided to expand it to all federations. This is what we came up with along with suggestions by other people as well.


The following game is broken up by federation. You can use any type of beverage that you wish. However, use common sense if using alcohol. "Know when to say 'when'!" Remember kids, don't try this at home!

Pick a Federation:

World Wrestling Federation
World Championship Wrestling
Extreme Championship Wrestling
United States Wrestling Association
National Wrestling Alliance
Confederate Wrestling Association


Take a sip:

  • Every time Vince says "What a maneuver!" instead of the actual name. Chug if he uses the real name of the hold.
  • Every time Vince says "Anything can happen in the WWF."
  • If Todd Pettingil makes an ass of himself.
  • If Dok Hendrix starts singing "Badstreet USA" for no reason what so ever.
  • Every time Vince calls Vader, "The Man They Call Vader."
  • During the Sunny disclaimer, if you think you can make out a nipple.
  • If Dok, on The Action Zone, answers a trivia question right. Chug if it's two weeks in a row.
  • Every time Vince says "1-2-3! He got him! No, he didn't!"
  • Anytime you see a M.O.B. sign on RAW. Chug if it's legible.
  • If you go into the WWF Store and the female model looks like a reject from a porno movie. Chug if you actually saw the movie.
  • Anytime you recognize the Playboy model escorting Hunter Hearst Helmsley to the ring. Chug if you own the issue.
  • Every time Hillbilly Jim opens if mouth. Chug if you can understand it. Tap a keg if he starts quoting Plato.
  • Every time the Godwinn's pet pig craps in the ring.
  • If you see an anti-WWF sign on TV. Chug if no one takes it away.
  • If you see an anti-WCW sign on TV.
  • If there is a missed move or blown spot.
  • If a wrestler goes through at least two gimmick changes while in the WWF.
  • Every time Fatu makes a difference by jobbing. Chug if he wins a non-squash match.
  • Every time you don't see a heel/face turn coming three weeks in advance. Chug if you never saw it coming.
  • If you actually believe if Razor Ramon is from Miami. Chug if you think he's Cuban.
  • If you think Goldust is actually a homosexual.
  • Every time Shawn Michaels mentions the "clique".
  • Every time they have an interview between faces where they just say, "I respect you, but I'm gonna beat you anyway."
  • Every time Razor Ramon starts an interview by saying, "Yo, [insert name of rival here]!"
  • Every time Razor uses the words "man" (pronounced "mang") or "chico".
  • Every time Bob Holly loses a match. Chug if he wins a non-squash. Tap a keg if he wins a car race.
  • Chug every time Tatanka uses a move other than a chop or a papoose-to-go.
  • Every time Bob Backlund appears. Two drinks if he's actually wrestling. Chug if he actually wins. Tap a keg if the match isn't a total snoozer.
  • Every time Al Snow gets a new gimmick. Chug if it lasts more than a month.
  • Every time the Bushwhackers show up. Chug if they win.
  • Any time Bret Hart says or a reference is made to Bret being "the best there is, the best there was, and the best there ever will be."
  • If Lawler makes a joke about McMahon's toupee.
  • If Lawler makes an irrelevant comment.
  • If Lawler makes a joke about a wrestler in the ring. Two if it is about the heel.
  • If Cornette takes an "official" time out (i.e. distracts the ref).
  • If Goldust makes a pass at a wrestler.
  • If a match is interrupted for a commercial break. Chug if you get to see an entire, uninterrupted match that's not a squash or on pay-per-view.
  • For every time Vince refers to Steve Austin as "Stone Cold."
  • Every time Vader interferes in a Yokozuna match.
  • Tap the keg if Barry Horowitz wins again.
  • Every time Bret Hart uses the backbreaker and the elbow drop from 2nd rope. Chug if he can't pin his opponent after that.
  • Every time he gives away his shades. Chug if the kid is 7 or under.
  • Whenever a wrestler executes a moonsault and Vince and Jim Ross race to see who can yell "MOONSAULT!!!!" first.
  • Every time Vince says "Aw, come on ref! Get in there!" when a heel is "breaking the rules" by beating on a face, but says nothing when the face is doing it to the heel.
  • Every time an announcer calls Shawn Michaels "the most charasmatic, the most resilient, the most flamboyant WWF Superstar!"
  • Every time Bret hart goes "Uhhh..." in mid sentence.
  • Every time Dok starts his sentences with "Weeellllllll..."
  • Chug it if Goldust can say his name without getting an asthma attack.
  • Every time the WWF uses the old Orient Express theme music for an "Asian" wrestler.


Take a sip:

  • If the main event involves a match between Hogan, Savage, Flair, Luger, Sting, or the DoD.
  • If Ric Flair goes up to the top rope and is thrown off. Two if he actually hits a move off the top rope. Chug if he's a heel when that happens.
  • Every time Booty Man says "Yes... NO NO NO NO!!!"
  • Every time Hogan starts an interview with "Well ya know mean Gene..."
  • If Hogan uses the word "Brother" or "Dude." (Of course)
  • If Savage gets pummeled within an inch of his life.
  • If there is a missed move or blown spot.
  • If a really good angle somehow goes terribly wrong.
  • Every time Loch Ness can't perform a move. Chug is he performs any type of technical move. Tap a keg if it's a hurracarana (if above takes place, join AA as soon as possible!).
  • Any time a light heavyweight gets a title shot.
  • Any time the world TV champ, is actually defending the title on TV.
  • If watching Nitro, you see any anti-WCW sign that was successfully snuck in and shown.
  • Any time, during one show, the crown boos Luger when alone, and cheers for him with Sting.
  • When a huge wrestler who never gets pinned is brought down by the mighty size 7.
  • If watching Nitro, every time Eric takes a shot (direct or indirect) at WWF. One drink for every Raw match revealed early. Chug if he goes a show without mentioning the WWF at all.
  • Every time you see a guy who is an 80's has-been from the WWF.
  • Every time Dusty or McMichael says something stupid. Chug it if they make a relevant, intelligent comment.
  • Every time Miss Elizabeth screws something up (interview, bondage, etc.). Chug when she gets it right on the first try.
  • If watching Nitro, every time The Brain changes the subject when McMichael and Bischoff start harping on the WWF. Chug if he joins in.
  • Every time Luger and Sting show "dissension in the ranks"
  • Every time an international object is thrown into the ring and used by the intended victim. Two if the intended user uses it.
  • Every time Steve Grissom is featured. Chug if he ever wins a race again.
  • Every time Ed Leslie gets a new gimmick. Chug if it lasts more than a month.
  • Every time that HH guy mentions his 24" pythons.
  • Every time that HH guy says "Whatcha gonna do?!"
  • Every time Mean Gene says to call his hotline if you want to find out anything. Chug if he gives it away on TV. Tap a keg if it's something that you don't know about.
  • Every time Bischoff blames some mishap on the WWF.
  • Every time starts "clubberin'". Chug if it's not the Nasty Boys.
  • If Disco Inferno doesn't worry about his hair.
  • Every time you don't see a heel/face turn coming three weeks in advance. Chug if you never saw it coming.
  • Any time an announcer says "Where The Big Boys Play!"
  • Any time they mention a title switch that took place at a house show.
  • Any time WCW *HAS* a house show. Chug if it's more than one a week.
  • Every time you can't think of what "Booty Man's" name means. Chug if you think it's because an affection for Goldust.
  • Every time Randy Savage says "Oh yeah!"
  • Every time an announcer says that they never saw Booty Man before or doesn't know who he is.
  • Every time HH talks about an "Ultimate" surprise.
  • If Benoit, Malenko, or Guererro get pushed above mid-card status. Chug if one of them wins a title. Tap a keg if they beat a Friend of Hogan to do it.
  • Any time Jim Duggan does something other than a clothesline in a match. Seek professional help if it's a hurracarana.
  • Every time Jim Duggan yells "Ho!" or starts a "USA!" chant. Chug if his opponent is from the USA as well.
  • Every time Bischoff insults part of the crowd by calling them "Incessant whiners!"
  • Every time Monday Nitro only lasts 60 minutes (including commercials).
  • Every time Sting gives Luger another chance after he wins a match by screwjob.
  • Every time HH wins a match. Two drinks if he uses the Leg Drop O' Doom. Chug if he loses. Tap a keg if it's a clean pin.
  • Every time a WCW title is cheapened when someone undeserving wins it. Two drinks if it's a Friend of Hogan or a DoD member.
  • Every time a new tag team arrives or is formed.
  • Every time Public Enemy has to job. Chug if they do a table spot and get DQed for it.
  • Tap a keg if Bischoff and McMichael somehow manage to find a way to bash the WWF during a Renegade match.
  • Every time a commentator mentions the Cruiserweight Title. Chug if it's less than six months before they mention it again.
  • If rather than respectfully announce a wrestler has left WCW, Bischoff says "[insert wrestler's name here] couldn't cut it in WCW, so he's outta here!" Chug if he does respectfully announce a wrestler has left WCW.
  • Every time Jimmy Hart is referred to as "a snake in the grass" or other such name.
  • Every time there is a Duggan vs. Wallstreet/IRS or Duggan vs. BigBubbaBossmanGuardianAngelRogers match.
  • Every time they show a former WCW wrestler who went to the WWF jobbing to another WCW wrestler.
  • Every time Gene bails out of an interrupted interview saying, "I'm outta here!"
  • Every time Ric Flair flips over the turnbuckle and is left standing on the apron. Two if he successfully makes it to the opposite turnbuckle. Chug if he pins an opponent.
  • Every time Ric Flair does a "Flair Flop."
  • Every time Flair begs for mercy.
  • Every time Arn Anderson (or anyone else) says "Big Brother Booty" with a straight face.
  • Any time a champion is actually wearing his championship belt.
  • Tap a keg if at any point in time you can, from memory, shout out all active members of the Dungeon of Doom.
  • Every time Okerlund or Heenan refers to Robert Eaton as the "Earl of Eaton"
  • Every time a good wrestler has to job to less talented old and/or fat guys. (You will total your liver right there and then).
  • Chug your drink if one of the Blue Bloods can walk without putting one hand behind their back.
  • If Woman makes that cartoon-chicken sounding (tm Ray Duffy) scream when her man is in trouble.


Take a sip:

  • Every time Joey Styles says "Oh my god!"
  • If Sabu drives someone through a table. Two if the intended victim moves out of the way.
  • For any foreign object provided by ringside fans. Two if it's an object used by a wrestler anyway (i.e, a chair).
  • Any time the ECW Bleacher Bums start a chant. Two if it doesn't include profanity.
  • If a "Show your tits" chant is started. Chug if it is successful.
  • Any gratuitous sexual innuendo in matches, interviews, etc.
  • For the number of "Buh's" spoken when Bubba Ray says his name. Tap a keg if he gets it right the first time.
  • For every beer Sandman drinks. Chug if you think you have any hope of out-drinking him.
  • For every cigarette Sandman smokes.
  • Every time Bill Alphonso says something you can understand. Chug if he has an aneurysm on the air.
  • Every time Big Dick Dudley does something other than grunt.
  • Every time a rumor surfaces that Sabu is headed to the WWF or WCW. Two drinks if it's true. Chug if they let him break tables. Tap a keg if he actually gets pushed.
  • Every time Tommy Dreamer and Raven get into a wild brawl.
  • Every time Brian Pillman goes ballistic.
  • Every time Joey Styles calls Steve Richards a "goofball" or a "putz".
  • Every time another Dudley shows up.
  • Every time they show the "Gangsta's Paradise" promo.
  • Every time the Eliminators give Francine Total Elimination. Chug it if she gets up and cleans house.
  • For that matter, every time Francine takes a male wrestler's finisher.
  • If J.T. Smith "f%@!s up." Chug if he actually pulls off a successful high risk manuever.
  • Chug if Fonzie goes through an interview without reminding us who he is.


Take a sip:

  • If Jerry "The King" Lawler turns face or heel.
  • If someone turns on Lawler. Chug if the turn back the following week.
  • If Lawler wins the Unified belt again.
  • If PG-13 wins the USWA tag belts.
  • If Brian Christopher wins the USWA title.
  • If Tommy Rich shows up drunk. Chug if he's sober.
  • When they admit that Brian Christopher is Lawler's son.
  • When they admit that JC Ice is Bill Dundee's son.
  • Any time Miss Texas opens her mouth. Chug if you can understand a complete sentence (must include a subject and predicate).
  • Any time someone from the past inexplicably shows up. Chug if it's not Tommy Rich.
  • Chug if Edrick Hines wins a match.
  • Every time Lance Russell says "Padnah!"
  • Any time they mention those fine wrestling towns of Tunica, MS., Evansville, IN., or Kennett, MO.
  • Every time you see a former SMW wrestler. Two if he can actually work.
  • Every time Eddie Marlin gets in the ring. Chug if it's someone younger than 50.
  • For every face in USWA that is a heel in WWF and vice versa.
  • For every USWA star that is a jobber in WWF.
  • Every time there is a close-up of Corey MacLain giving us the match.
  • Every time Corey says "Hoookay!"
  • Every time, in a brawl, the announce table is used to bash an opponent.
  • Every time Sid says "boy" or "son."
  • Every time the fans act tough to the heels.
  • Every time Miss Texas is scheduled to have a match against Downtown Bruno, Brandon Baxter, or Scott Bowden.
  • When they admit Eddie Marlin is Jeff Jarrett's grandfather.
  • Every time Randy Hales is involved in a match is ends up bleeding.
  • If Doug Gilbert turns face or heel.
  • When a champion's title reign reaches one month. Two if he reaches the six month plateau. Chug if it's not Lawler.


Take a sip:

  • For every tire slashed by Eugene Moore in the ECW Arena Parking Lot.
  • Every time Moore puts his foot in his mouth.
  • Every time a NWA card that has a paid attendance of over 75.
  • Every time Dennis Coralluzo's son Marc lies about the attendance.
  • Every time Gene Moore unwittingly helps ECW.
  • Chug if you actually believe that Coralluzo's NWA "World Title" is actually worthy of being a World Title.
  • Every time they try to get a TV show by sabotaging another fed's program or spreading false rumors about its cancellation.


Take a sip:

  • If Sam Houston bleeds. Chug if he gets through entire match without blading.
  • If High Voltage blows a spot. Chug if steroids fall from trunks onto mat.
  • If Skandar Akbar burns himself when he throws a fireball. Two if the intended victim sells it anyway. Chug if he successfully nails victim with it. Tap keg if victim is Sam Houston.
  • If John Hawk nails a face with clothesline. Chug if the face is Sam Houston or member of High Voltage. Tap keg if it's a stretcher job.
  • If Hector Guerrero makes an appearance.
  • If A resthold occurs in any match involving Chris Adams. Chug if Adams hits superkick. Tap keg if opponent no-sells.
  • If Al or Action Jackson are in the opening match. Chug if blown spot causes legit injury.
  • If Firebreaker Chip starts match with 10 minutes of walking around outside the ring jawing with ref.
  • If James Beard fines Akbar.
  • If a match ends in screwjob. Chug for clean pin. Tap keg for clean pin with title change.


Steve Black
Patrick Brandmeyer
William Christopher
Travis Cook
James Fabiano
Timothy Meisner
Steve Strange
John Walker
Jozef Wiencis
David Wrobleski

If we left anyone out, please let us know.

Any suggstions and/or additions, please e-mail Jody Cooper

Please do no post suggestions to RSPW as they may not make it to a server in which Jody can get access to. Please use E-Mail only.

Rules for submitting:

  • Please don't submit anything that's already in the game.
  • Nothing blatantly bias (i.e, "Every time WWF sucks!")
  • Try not to use profanity or your own personal "dreams."
  • The fed must still be in business.

The Wrestling Drinking Game is posted every now and then on rec.sports.pro-wrestling and is also available in HTML format on Steve Black's WrestleWeb at http://www.missouri.edu/~c621097/drink.html

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Last Updated: March 19, 1996

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Drinking Game

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