Word Association

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All you need is some intoxicating substance, a party and you're off!

Someone obviously has to start (who can be determined in a number of interesting ways). This he does by saying a word, any word as long as it's not a person, and pointing to someone else. He in turn then has to say another word associating to the one word JUST before and pointing to someone else. Easy!

And now, the drinking part: You have to make the association within 5-10 seconds or you drink. At any time, anyone can halt the game if he thinks the association was a bit too hard to swallow. If this happens you need to be able to explain your association. If you can't, you drink. If you can, the one halting you drinks. A word cannot be used twice in the same round. Again, names are taboo. The one who drinks starts the new round, and so on.


  • A:Toast! -->C
  • C:Burnt! -->B
  • B:Bread! *Error, associating to bread instead of burnt* -->D
  • D:Butter! *B gets away with it because noone halts the game before D opens his mouth.* -->B
  • B:Pastrami! -->A
  • A:Ham! -->C
  • C:Pigs! -->B
  • B:Me! *A:Halt! No persons!* B drinks.
  • B:Sex!! -->D
  • D:Fun! -->A

...and so on. If someone thinks he is pointed at too seldom, he cries "What the fuck?!" or something as appropriate, and everybody drinks.

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