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This is the same as Bouncing Ball, but with many improvements.

You play sitting in a circle, everyone putting their hands into the middle of the circle and shaking them like a nervous person, or someone experiencing a crack overdose. The leader then says "Hands in the middle, The name of the game is whiz boing bounce, to my (left/right) WHIZ." At that point everyone drops their hands and the leader who, saying whiz, would have moved his hand across his body in the direction that he said. You have to start with whiz. The next person could choose to whiz it by moving his hand across his body, boing it back to the leader by raising the arm on the opposite side of where the leader is sitting, or bounce it by holding both his arms up in front of him like an x and saying bounce.

The rules are as follows:

  • For a whiz you must always move your hand across your body in the direction that the ball was traveling. For example if it was traveling clockwise and someone whizzed it to me, I would use my right hand and Whiz it across by body to the next person. Counterclockwise, my left.
  • For a boing you must let the ball cross your body and boing it with the inside of your forearm. If it is going clockwise and I boing it off my right arm the I have to consume.
  • You cannot boing a bounce, If someone bounces it and it goes to you then you can whiz it or bounce it again but never boing it.

Optional Rules:

  • You cannot say the word 'drink' you must say 'consume'
  • You cannot point at anyone, except with your elbow.
  • You cannot swear unless you are wearing your moose-head. (hands up on temples looking like a moose)
  • You cannot pick up the glass with your normal drinking hand.
  • You cannot put an empty glass back down in the middle of the circle.

Those last few are sort of universal rules that can be used for any drinking game.

You drink when you break any of the rules, or when you do the wrong hand movement to go with the word you said, or when you go against the direction of the ball (whiz or boing with the wrong hand). Falsely accusing someone for something that they did not do, everyone points with their elbow and shouts "FALSE ACCUSTAION...CONSUME YOU (moosehead) ASSHOLE" . You can also lose for hesitation, taking too long to think about what you are meant to do. The loser consumes the glass full of beer in the middle of the circle, and then becomes the leader for the next round.

The best way to play is fast and you can try to anticipate what the person beside you is going to do.

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