Where is Baseball

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Date: Sat, 2 Jan 1999 22:08:07 -0500
From: John Mondelli <jamdeep@ibm.net>
To: drink@slashpalace.org
Subject: Where is baseball

You can play with 2-4 people.
Two people is considered singles.
Four is teams.
After deciding the order of singles or team play( who goes first or second usually decided by a bullseye shot), the game goes as follows.

First person or team shoots at the first inning( total of Nine innings and then bull are shot). If playing singles the player must shoot a 3 or better to make his advisary drink 1/2 cup (9 oz.) or a 5 or better to drink a full cup. 8 or better is 1 1/2 cups. If he hits perfection a 9 in any given inning he must also consume a full cup to pay homage to the dart gods.

The second player must drink for whatever darts the first player shot before he can shoot the first inning. Likewise after player two shoots, player one must drink before he goes onto the next inning. Continue like this through the 9 innings keeping score and then shoot 3 darts each at the bullseye worth 5 points per which is 1 full per bull. Player with the highest score wins.

The team game is played the same with one team throwing all their darts at the inning and then the other team must drink before they shoot. The only scoring difference is that for teams a 5 in any inning is 1/2 cup and a 7 is a full cup, with a 12 being a 1 1/2 cup. After about 2 games if you're any good at darts you should be well through a 12 pack for 2 people.

If the game should ever end with a tie score you go to extra innings just like baseball, the 10th inning and so on.

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