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A team stands at each end of a ping pong table with each person's cup full 'o beer on the table in front of them. Teams usually are two or three.

The cup must not be closer than the distance from the tip of your thumb to the tip of your pinky (fingers spread wide) from the edge of the table.

With ping pong ball in hand, each player (one at a time) tries to throw the ball into any opposing players' cup. Players can lean over the table as far as they can to close the distance.

Results of throws:

  1. Misses the cup: on to the next player.
  2. Hits the rim of the cup: opposing team gets a chance to negate.
  3. Swoosh!! In the cup!: opposing team gets a chance to negate.
  4. Misses the table altogether: Called "Ass Hole," which everyone tends
  5. to yell at the thrower. The thrower must drink what's left in his cup. This is the reason why you have to make sure that the cup is not too close to the edge of the table. (From the second rule.)

Negation: A team is on "defense" when the most recent throw from the opposing team's player throws and gets number 2. or 3. from "Results of throws." The team that is on "defense" now has to negate the opposing team's advantage by getting the same throw result as the opposing team. For example, if a person on one team gets a "rim" then the defending team needs to also get a rim or else they have to drink.

Here are the levels of drinkage, so to speak:

Team on offenseTeam on defenseDefense team
Gets a rimMisses the cupdrinks a sip.
Gets a rimGets a rim<even>
Gets in the cupMisses the cupdrinks what's left in cup.
Gets in the cupGets a rimdrinks a sip.
Gets in the cupGets in the cup<even>

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