Star Trek: Voyager

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Take one drink every time...

  • Holodoc reminds someone to turn him off
  • Holodoc is unsympathetic
  • Every smartass remark by the Holodoc
  • Chakotay does some kind of Indian ritual
  • Chakotay has a flashback
  • Chakotay mentions his ancestors
  • Every food of Neelix's that nobody eats
  • Every complaint about Neelix's food
  • Neelix offers to help
  • Neelix gets jealous
  • Kess is sympathetic
  • Kess's lifespan is mentioned
  • Tuvok uses the phrase "logical explanation"
  • New race that's more powerful than Voyager
  • Race that has had contact (or pretends to) with humanity
  • First appearance in show of advance race with less advanced technology than they should have (Kazons with no water)
  • Every time need for spare parts is mentioned
  • Every time need about conserving supplies of X is mentioned (photon torps, probes, etc)
  • Paris discusses how horny he is; or the moral equivilant thereof
  • Janeway does something Kirk would have done
  • Whenever a crew member enters Parris's holodeck bar
  • Everytime Torres figures out a technobabble way to do something that hasn't been done before
  • Whenever janeway fixes her hair during a disaster/emergency situation
  • Whenever the floozy in Paris's holodeck program suctions herself to some unsuspecting male
  • Whenever janeway drinks coffee

2 drinks

  • When the holodoc leaves sickbay for non-medical purposes
  • Every new alien that doesn't communicate with universal translators
  • Every new particle
  • Kess uses her psychic powers
  • Kess is not sympathetic
  • Neelix's help is actually useful
  • Every reference to DS9 (the station, not the show)
  • Any reference to any character from other ST's (major chars only)
  • Janeway does something Picard would have done
  • Someone likes some of Neelix's food
  • Tuvok does something uniquely Vulcan (mind meld, nerve pinch, etc)
  • Whenever torres and janeway have a meaningful exchange (translate: these MEN just don't understand....)

3 drinks, plus an action...

  • Every time they pass up a chance to go home (Yell: SUCKERS!)
  • Every time somebody dies (Cheer)
  • Any appearance of any character from other ST's (Groan)

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