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From: Gregory Pelletier <>
Subject: Re: Another Game

This the game of shoulders that I learned at UNH (U of New Hampshire).

Recommended: 5 to 10 players and plenty of beer.

All players sit in a circle around the room with beer in hand. Object of the game is to go around the group from 1 to 20 without messing up. If 20 is reached, someone must finish all or most of their beer. When saying a number you must tap your shoulder to the right or the left designating who goes next.

Example: A, B, C, and D sitting around.

B happens to start and taps Left shoulder and says 1. C then can tap either shoulder and say 2. D (to left) or B (to right)would be next depending on which shoulder C had tapped.


  • Always count in order 1 thru 20.
  • Any mess-ups are 1-5 swigs of beer.
  • Going out of turn, same thing.
  • He who messes up starts the next round, anyone can initially start the game.

There are a few special numbers:

  • 7: you hold both arms away from your chest one above the other with hands aimed to left and right; Top hand will designate which person beside you is on #8.
  • 17: same thing but Bottom hand designates who will say #18.
  • 10: the person points to anyone in the group and it is their turn to tap either shoulder and say #11.
  • 20: you point at the person who you want to finish their beer.

Variations for pros:

  • Silent shoulders, done without orally saying the #'s, only doing the movements.
  • At #20, you can substitute pounding a beer with 1/2 beer, a funnel, a shot of booze, or whatever else.
  • Night Shoulders, done in a pretty dark room the requires you pay attention.
  • You can get someone pretty bad by going back and forth between two players until 20 is reached being sure to point at the unsuspecting fool, but this bores the rest of the group and should not be done often.
  • You can also go back and forth to a person trying to mess them up: Example A and C always go back to B, remember what goes around comes around.

    --Greg Pelletier

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