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Who said "You have to be drunk to enjoy Shortland Street"? Well whoever did was wrong, you don't, it just seems more like reality...
Try this: instead of watching Shortie Street every night, video each episode for a week onto a three hour tape. Then on Saturday night bring round all your mates, (and a keg or two) and push 'play'

NB:The less advanced can just tape Fridays episode, the more advanced can have a months worth of tapes.

STANDARD DISCLAIMER: Alcohol is bad for you! (I learnt that watching Stuart Neilson) Do not overconsume! Better yet - use Orange Juice.

Everybody watches the show and as soon as you spot one of the following, everybody else must:

Take a gulp when...

  • Kirsty and Lionel have a disagreement
  • Guy cheats on Carmen
  • Carmen gives out a witty one liner
  • A main character gets sick/injured and has to be treated at the clinic
  • Any two characters sleep together
  • Nick says "Cool", "No way" or some other adolescent slang
  • We see Cheryl, but she doesn't speak
  • Rangi/Tiffany show their tattoo to someone
  • The receptionists moan about being short staffed
  • Management moan about being short of money
  • Two health care professionals argue over a patients diagnosis
  • Characters moan about their hair, coffee, love life or other trivia
  • Marge spreads some gossip
  • Grace wears a tight top
  • Julia threatens somebody on her staff
  • Rachel shows her navel
  • Someone suggests going down to Kennedy's for a drink

Take two gulps when...

  • Someone gets pregnant
  • Someone gets an abortion
  • Someone gets sterilised
  • Two characters get engaged
  • Two characters get married
  • An Established/Married couple separate
  • A Separated Established/Married couple get back together
  • A character is talked to on the phone while the actor is on leave
  • A character decides to "go away" (i.e. actor takes a break)
  • A character introduces one of their family members to the programme
  • A health care professional does something out of the ordinary for their patient
  • Locals at SS decide to flat together

Chug your entire glass when...

  • TVNZ goes an entire episode with less than three ad breaks
  • A main character is killed off
  • Someone changes their sexual preference
  • Charlotte Olsen, Greg Feeney or Paul Churchill return
  • Minnie/Lulu "lose it"
  • Cheryl speaks! (it has happened)
  • Laurie Brasch drops the nice guy image and acts like a barstard
  • Nick appears in a suit and tie
  • Someone suggests going to another bar apart from Kennedy's
  • Someone you know has a walk on part
  • A (ex?)famous New Zealander has a guest role

Consume all alcohol in the room when...

  • Steve, TP or Darryl/Tom Neilson return.
  • Hone and Jake "The Muss" Heke meet.
  • Peter grows his hair long, steals a yellow mini and takes it on an adventure to Invercargill...
  • The Clinic goes online to the internet
  • The writers plaguerise SS Interactive for their new script
  • The show takes a holiday break and you accidently recorded Wheel of Fortune reruns
  • TVNZ cancels the show...

Further Rules

Ad breaks: The last person to say "Climax"(oooer), when coming to a commercial break must take a sip for every ad.

This is unless one of the ads is for SS mag, where everybody else takes a gulp for each remaining ad.

Seeing as characters very rarely go to the toilet then neither shall you (except during ad breaks, when you aren't drinking)

If you have to leave you must skull a glass
If you don't leave you must skull 10 glasses (and put up with the humiliation...)

Also if anybody forgets a character's name and says "Errr... Thingybobby" then they must Skull their glass.

The game ends when there is nobody left in the room to turn off the video, or you all get taken to SS for a stomach pump...

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