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From: Chris Decker

Players are broken up into two teams of four players each. Each team is given a quarter to start the game. To set up the drinks, get 8 keg cups of beer which are half-full and set them in two lines of four drinks.

You will Also need to obtain a full pitcher of beer and set this at one end of the row of cups.

Each team of four has a shooting order (right to left) and a drinking order (left to right). Play starts with each team's first shooter trying to bounce their quarter into any of the eight cups. If the cup is missed by a team, pass the quarter to the next shooter. If a cup is made however, the team that made the shot gets the quarter from the other team and tries to hit another cup. The team that didn't hit the cup loses their quarter and must chug the beer in which the quarter landed in order to get a quarter back for their team. Play continues in this manner.

When either the last shooter or drinker in a row is reached, start over with the first person. Keep playing until all eight cups are made. The teams then try to make the shot into the pitcher. The team that makes this shot then makes the losing team drink the entire pitcher, designating a drinking order. Once you remove your lips from the pitcher, you must pass the pitcher to the next drinker.

Some other specific rules are:

  • If two cups are made my both teams at the same time, it is a social drink between the two shooters. Play then restarts when both teams are ready with the same shooters.
  • If one team makes a shot and the other team has not finished a beer which had been made previously, the second cup cannot be consumed until the quarter from the first cup is on the table.
  • If a quarter falls off the table, the team that shot it may elect to "cover" by placing their hands over the cups and pitcher and declaring their intention. Play is stopped and restarts with the team that did not "cover" having first shot at the cups or pitcher.
  • If the pitcher is accidentally made before all of the cups, the team making the pitcher must finish all the remaining cups and the pitcher in the same way as listed above.

I hope that you understand the rules. Playing the game is great once you understand and you can get drunk really quick if you lose a few games.

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