Ring of Fire

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Date: Thu, 04 Feb 1999 16:20:45 CST
From: melissa daul <mdaul@hotmail.com>

We play this game all the time at parties. Some people call if Ring of Fire, some call it Circle of Death. I like it. It's a little like Take That, but we use different rules.

This game can get nasty depending on how big of sips u take and what ur drinking. It gets really fun.

You need a big cup and a deck of cards. It helps if everyone drinks the same thing, but you don't all have to.

Put the cup in the center. Place the cards around it in a circle. Each player picks a card in turn. The card they pick determines their action.

  • Ace is rule. You can make any rule which will stand until the next game. Then all rules are abolished.
  • a one is take two
  • a two is take three
  • a four means that everyone has to put their thumbs on the table. last one with their thumb down loses and drinks.
  • a five means that everyone has to put their hand in the air (either hand), last one loses.
  • a six means everyone has to put their finger on the side of their nose. the last one loses.
    for 4, 5, and 6, either hand works. also, until someone else draws the card (the next 4 if u drew a 4, the next 5 if u drew a five etc,) you can do the action whenever you want. then the last person that time drinks.
  • a seven is ahead, the person who goes next has to drink.
  • an eight is category. the person who draws it must think of anything that ppl can add to (EX, football teams,) the next person has to say a football team. the first one not to know one or to repeat drinks. these can get interesting.
  • a nine is ryhme. if u picked it, u say a word and then go around the circle until they say an unryhming word, can't think of one, or repeat someone else's.
  • ten is socialbe. click ur glasses or cans in the center and everyone drink. ( be careful on this one. glasses tend to break towards the end of the game)
  • jack is back, the person before you takes a drink.
  • queen is question. when this card is drawn, u ask a question of the person next to you. they have to ask a question to the person next to them. you can't answer the question or laugh. the first person to do either has to drink.
  • king - when u draw a king, pour some of ur drink into the cup in the center. you can pour as much as you want in. (here's where everyone drinking the same thing comes in, it can get nasty if not.) the person who draws the fourth king loses.

the game is over when the last king is drawn or when all the card are drawn, what ever u want.

Any questions? it's a little confusing the first time, but after the initial round, you'll be good to go.

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