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    (Second draft. "Always changing to serve you better")

    WARNING: I experimented with this last year without using alcohol to see how often you'd end up drinking on a typical day. By about a half hour into class I was feeling kinda bloated from all the liquid. This game is NOT for the squeamish. Nothing like being blitzed after a one hour class. Who'da thunk heat transfer could be so much fun?

    Each of the actions rates one drink unless otherwise indicated in [].

    If Chapman:

  • tells a cheesy Mech joke (ie: "Work this out if you have trouble sleeping tonight.")
  • taps board (loudly) with chalk or hand for emphasis
  • novice rules: one drink per instance of tapping
  • veteran rules: one drink per tap
  • four (or more) colors of chalk on the board at one time [one drink per each additional color]
  • says something is in the book notes
  • boxes something for emphasis
  • draws multiple lines under something for emphasis
  • draws a diagram
  • leans on board and gets chalk on his pants
  • puts his hand in his pocket (which usually gets more chalk on his pants, if so drink again)
  • uses a curse word or bad english (ie: poop, ain't, etc...)
  • makes a mistake in his calculations AND someone corrects him [3 drinks] (usually doesn't happen since no one is really paying attention)
  • gives a slide show (hold over from mech471, if he does this again we're really in for it) [5 drinks] (should have skipped anyway, you idiot)
  • erases with his hand instead of with an eraser (see #9)
  • asks "Any questions?" and no one says anything
  • says something that is not in the book [2 drinks]
  • tells you it isn't in the book [only one drink]
  • If:

  • you fall asleep (you missed drinks while snoozing anyway)
  • there are more than 20 people in the room (excluding Chapman) [2 drinks]
  • If Chapman says:

  • "fiddle around with"
  • "you can stand"
  • "jack ______ up"
  • "blowing smoke"
  • "fairy story"
  • "then ya gotta PUNT" (cause for celebration) [3 drinks]
  • "typical" or "simple" or "simply"
  • "of course"
  • "to play with"
  • "just for sheer excitement" (yipee.)
  • "THBPPT!" (you know which sound I'm talking about) [2 drinks]
  • "if you were on a desert island"
  • "gobble up"
  • "all I have to say"
  • "take my word for it" (not)
  • "I won't bore you with writing it" or "I won't bore you"
  • "note if you would" or "important point to note" or a derivative
  • "and the answer is"
  • "happens to be"
  • "stir it with a stick" (hold over from Mech 200) [2 drinks]
  • "so to be realistic" (yeah, right)
  • "I can calculate"
  • "the question is: So what?" or "so what?" (yer damn right it is)
  • "if you would"
  • "I'll show you some pretty pictures later" (oh boy, oh boy, oh boy)
  • "that's yet to be seen"
  • "easily seen" or "easily be shown"
  • "clearly" (huh?)
  • "willy-nilly"
  • "and it turns out"
  • "what that means"

  • -- Bill Tanner (TANNER@NETTAP.COM)

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