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"This set of rules was recently discovered in a sealed papyrus envelope beneath the craf eaten remains of Cyrus (Alex's here-to-fore never mentioned first husband)--talk about sleeping with the fishes!"

"Pour an even bigger glass of honey and spiced wine and a HUGE glass of bourbon (sic) and branchwater . . . .

DRINK at any of these occurrences:

1. Clint walks up and asks Carlotta what's wrong.
2. Joey gets an "erection."
3. Kelley has a new version of her "first time."
4 a. Blair giggles
4 b. Cassie giggles
4 c. Liz McNamara giggles"
5. Andie does something smart.
6. The writers drop an obvious clue to "Viki's secret" which they adamently claim is not the real secret.
7. Clint gets that stormy look when Jessica mentions Cristian.
8. "Bo and Nora" or David and whomever "gets interrupted before they get their clothes off."
9. Jessica says "GROSS".
10 a. Dylan tosses his hair just so . . .
10 b. Marty tosses her hair just so . . .
10 c. Patrick tosses his hair just so . . .


Anyone repeats all of yesterdays events in one storyline just to remind us . . .
Someone asks a stupid question just before commercial break . . . Todd . . . almost . . . but not quite catches on to Blair's latest secret.

For those of you who would like to guarantee remaining sober try these:

Chug for:

"Renee appears on screen" with a storyline
"Larry appears without lying"
"Cord actually has sex"
"Kevin" returns and is identifiable
Jessica and Cristian kiss
"Andrew goes to church"
"Anyone pays for a meal at a restaurant"
"Anyone picks up the mail"
"The Sun covers a story" that isn't a scandal.
"Enjoy and remember Drinking and FastForwarding Don't Mix."

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