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The MST3K Drinking Game was originated by Ben Combee (, with addenda by Scott Seibel (, Rich Kulawiek (, Ryan David Simmons (, THE TICK (, Susan Lowry (, and Bob Lundergan ( This particular version was arranged, messed with, altered, added to, and generally jerked around by Jeff Norman ( It's possible there are errors in the names/addresses above, but I hope we can live with that. Most of the characters/situations are copyright Best Brains Inc., and none of the folks mentioned here are making any money off it, so lawyers back off. Thank you.

Feel free to repost this, add to it, etc., as long as all individuals mentioned above are always credited properly.

General: Each action requires one sip or slug or swallow or gulp or whatever, except where a numeral appears in parens, like (2): this means (of course) 2 sips. Anything in quotes means it's a line someone says. In playing this, of course, you're free to change/ignore/make up the rules if you want. And of course, unless we're drinking 7-Up, we woulnd't want to drive or operate heavy machinery after doing this, now would we? Also, if multiple players are present, you might want to split up different situations among them (or not).


Magic Voice speaks
(2) Magic Voice speaks in a segment after the opening one
"Push the button"
"Commercial Sign"
"Movie Sign!"
A character goes hysterical
A character begins to sing (or tries to)
(2) "Hello, Hello, Hello" (3-part harmony when heads pop around door, etc.)
A character does a voiceover for a monster, robot,or other creature
Popular music reference*
(2) Classical music reference*
Literary/philosophical reference*
TV show reference*
Other MSTed film reference*
*--in all these categories, unless SOL crew IDs the source, everyone else must double-drink if they're not the first person to ID the ref. Monty Python reference
Frank Zappa reference
(2) Firesign Theatre reference
Drug reference
Drinking reference
Sports reference
Commercial reference
(2) Rock Climbing reference (exc. in _Lost Continent_)
(2) Torgo reference (exc. in _Manos_)
(2) Torgo sighting (exc. in _Manos_)
(2) "He tried to kill him w/a forklift" (exc. in _Fugitive Alien I, II_)
A character mentions Sandy Frank (when his name isn't on screen)
A character refers to a Kennedy (2 drinks if it's NOT in connection w/sexual shenanigans; 4 drinks if it's the MTV VJ)
A self-reference is made (i.e., Tom asks Joel if he knows anyone stranded in space)
(2) Comedy Central reference
Planet of the Apes reference
NBC Sunday Night Mystery Movie ref. (3 if no flashlight present)
Star Trek (TOS or TNG) reference
(2) if it's specific to William Shatner (this includes refs. to TJ Hooker)
(3) "I AM KIROK!!!"
Minnesota or Wisconsin reference
(2) SOL crewmember audibly muffs a line (unintentionally)
SOL Crewmember expresses awareness of the lameness of his own pun/joke/etc.
(2) A character points out obvious technical flaws in the experiment; i.e., visible boom mikes, zippers in costumes, etc.
(2) The credits for the movie don't match the actual movie
A character mentions other movies/shows an actor has been in
A character mentions Deep 13 by name (exc. in Mike-era Love Theme)
Dr. Forrester or TV's Frank viewed by the SOL crew unawares
Dr. F not in his lime green labcoat
Frank not in black
Dr. F hits Frank
(2) Dr. F kills Frank
Frank calls Dr. Forrester a wrong name ("Steve" etc.)
(2) Dr. F calls Frank a wrong name
SOL crew tries to get TV's Frank to get them down
TV's Frank sides with SOL crew
The Mads call the SOL crew
(2) Joel/Mike calls the Mads
Joel/Mike calls for Rocket #9
Joel/Mike physically interacts w/the movie image
Servo makes kissy noises, and gestures at image on screen
(2) Servo or Crow develops a crush on a woman in the experiment
(2) Mike resists the Mads in some manner
(3) Joel resists the Mads in some manner
Joel shushes the 'bots
(2) Mike shushes the 'bots
Tom Servo tries to shut up Crow
We see Crow's legs
Crow mentions his own name
Crow's headgear is altered or missing
A character mentions Tom Servo's fictional mother or father
(2) Servo mentions fictional ma/pa
Servo's head adapted for other uses
Tom Servo's "sarcasm sequencer overload" voice
The Hexfield View Screen is used
A fashion show is presented
Cambot plays a role in a scene other than just filming it
A character refers to an actor's/actress's physique (i.e., "Claude Akins has a nice butt") WARNING: this is an extremely dangerous category when viewing _The Outlaw of Gor_) (2) buffalo shot pointed out (ditto on WARNING above)
(2) A character appears in a promo during the commercial break
(2) Comedy Central broadcasts a commercial you haven't seen a zillion times already
(5372) Hordes of Visigoths take over the SOL and force Gypsy to learn the Indonesian national anthem on the C-melody saxophone.
A character uses the "mother" voice (ex. "Oh he's such a nice boy. Aren't the Poconos pretty this time of year?")
"Bite me!"
"I'm huge!"
"Huzzah!" "I'm dead now. Please don't smoke."
"...Sure, we all do/would." (a la Sally Struthers)
"Yup, pretty much."
"Haikeeba!" or "Gymkana" (2 if it's obviously not in battle-cry mode)
"Jim Henson's....Babies."
"Richard Basehart" (2 if it's not Gypsy's line)
(2) "Puma, Puma..."
Servo says "Hellooooo Baaaaaaabieeee!" before some flying object crashes
"Do you like me? Do you find me pleasing?"
"Meanwhile...[in another film or location]"
Tom Servo says "Saaay!" (ironically leering)
"[so-and-so] gone horribly wrong"
"[so-and-so] is [character name]"
"Next week on..." (2 drinks if it's "a very special...")
"Jimmy Smits"
"Xanadu, stately home of Charles Foster Kane..." or variations thereon
(2) "Joe Namath netted slingshot briefs"
(2) "Little pants"
"Ooooh, is the Great [name] in this film?" etc.
Anyone/thing other than Joel/Mike, Tom Servo, Crow in the theater
One of the characters appears differently in Shadowramma (TM) (i.e., Joel wears his Big Head, Crow in a shower cap)
Mike Nelson appears as another character --(2) if it's Jack Perkins (exc. in MST3K Hour) or Hugh Beaumont
(2) Mary Jo Pehl as another character
(3) Anyone else as another character
NOTE: Experienced MSTies will suggest experiment-specific rules; i.e., in the _Fugitive Alien_ films, whenever Captain Joe says "Rocky" and Crow says "Again!"

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Drinking Game

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